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Sports Should Go!!!! Essay

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When I was younger I used to play softball, my friend and I were throwing the ball back and forth. She threw the ball toward me, as if it was in slow motion, it hit my face right above my lip. The ball cut my lip and my lip bled. I had to put ice then on my face and continued to play, but didn’t do as well as I could have most likely due to my lip. It hurt, why would you want anyone to go through this? This issue of sports in schools is a choice of cutting sports because of the costs, distraction, and without it higher scoring in classes. This opposing side to this is keeping the sports as stress relievers, way to show school spirit, and good teamwork. American society should cut sports so that the students can focus more of their attention on their school work furthermore schools should cut sports. First of all athletics should be taken out of schools because they take attention away from academics, they can cause injury, and they cost a large sum of money. Why is it that we keep sports in schools if they only cause problems?

Schools should cut sports because according to “ The Case Against High-School Sports” by Amanda Ripley in The Atlantic, “ During football season in particular, focus shifts away from learning.”An example of this quote is when Friday night football games are in place the team needs to practice. The cheerleaders need to practice, the band needs to practice, but because of all this practicing the focus shifts to the game. Rather than perhaps the big math test you have the day before the game that you didn’t study very well for due to the practicing for this game. With the focus away from the game, your grades would consequently suffer because the excitement or nervousness would either have you study less than you need to or not pay as much attention to the studying as you normally would. Additionally, if the sports games were taken away the grades would go up such as they did for a school, Premont Independent, in Premont, Texas. “But this quiet had an upside. That first semester, 80 percent of the students passed their classes, compared with 50 percent the previous fall.” As stated in “The Case Against High-School Sports” by Amanda Ripley in The Atlantic. With the sports gone many of the people in this school focused onto their school work bringing their grades up. So much of school revolves around sports even the time school starts.

“Despite research showing that later start times improve student performances,many schools begin before 8a.m., partly to reserve afternoon daylight hours for athletic practice.” As “The Case Against High-School Sports” by Amanda Ripley in the The Atlantic says. This is because of the need of...

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