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Sports: Stay Or Go? Essay

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Oh great. Another bad day at school. Good thing we have basketball practice, today, to ease my mind. This is how some people think about sports. However, some do not think the same. Therefore, middle schools are deciding on whether to keep sports the same way they have been or scale back some on sports. Principals and superintendents should not scale students back on sports because it helps them prosper in many ways.
Active children have more focus, are better problem solvers, and score higher on tests than the average child that does not play sports. According to Scope Magazine’s Tim O’Shei, a 2012 study by the Datalys Center found that young athletes have higher scores in math and reading than the average student who do not participate in a sport. Also, schools with big athletic programs often have a lower dropout rate. Most of this reason is because usually the athletes have to have a certain grade ...view middle of the document...

Sports also help children to stay fit. Since technology has advanced in such a major way, many children stay inside and play games all day, and physical education is not enough to keep children healthy. Therefore, sports helps children to stay fit whether it is running down the court, on the field, or around the bases. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), children should keep their heart rate up for thirty minutes a day to maintain the weight that a child already has. However, many children do not run like they should which causes the rate of obesity to rise. According to the American Heart Association, about one out of three American teens and children are overweight because of lack of exercise. Playing a sport could really help improve a growing child's health.
Yet another thing sports can do is teach a player many life lessons. According to Scope Magazine's Tim O'Shei, sports teaches perseverance, team spirit, and fun. Many sports coaches will not allow players to participate in a game if the player's homework is not done on time. Some studies even show that some grades may drop after the season is over because of the lack of motive in a student. A student could also learn how to be a good sport by congratulating his or her team even if they lose. They should learn to be a good sport because whether the team wins or loses, the good spirit of the team would remain. A good team spirit could also make it fun and motivational for everyone else. The perseverance, team spirit, and fun in a team player could make both a good role model and a fun person to be around.
Some people think that sports cost a large amount of money, are distracting, and cause injuries. However, expensive equipment is good equipment that prevents many hazards and injuries from happening, and sports improves some people's grades during the season. Therefore, sports should be kept in middle schools.
Sports can help children score better grades, improve health, and teach many life lessons. Remember, sports may help your child in many great ways.

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