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Sports Trainers Essay

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Sports trainers play an important role in the health of athletes. They help with injured players on the field of play when they cannot continue with the game they were participating on. Sports trainers are on most of the athletics team nowadays. If trainers are hired by a high school, they will participate in all of the events that have to do with sports. Athletic trainer’s duties as a sports trainer are not limited to outside or inside, and after spending lots of time with the team, the athletes might begin to accept them as part of their team.
Athletic trainers, also known as ATs, have many duties to accomplish throughout the day. The trainers have to teach medicine courses to the ...view middle of the document...

Health, anatomy, and physiology are subjects ATs have to pay special attention to. They have to go to colleges with a program in athletic training and get a bachelor’s/master’s degree. (“Sports Trainers” 493). To earn an athletic trainer licenses, they have to pass the CAATE and the BOC exam. (“Athletic Trainers and Exercise Physiologists”). The more educated the athletic trainer is, the more money they make.
The average wage for being an athletic trainer is $44,770 per year. ATs mostly make between about $28,030 and $60,090 a year. (“Athletic Trainers” Career). Every hour ATs make $20.52. For every hour they work athletic trainers multiply the hours they work times the hourly rate. Athletic trainers make $0.34 for every minute they work. (“Athletic Trainers and Exercise Physiologists”). ATs that work at colleges make from $45,000 to $60,000 per year. $60,000 to $125,000 is the range if they work for a professional sports team. The entry level for athletic trainers is in a high school making about $25,000 to $35,000 per year. (“Sports Trainers” 494-495).The more money sports trainers earn the higher up on the career ladder they are.
Athletic trainers have many higher positions above the entry level. They can sell medical and athletic equipment if the trainers work in the sales and marketing job. If the ATs get good at their job, some will even advance to a college. (“Athletic Trainers and Exercise Physiologists”). If the trainers get an advanced degree, it will raise the possibilities of them getting a promotion. Athletic trainers can move to manage trainers instead of hands-on training. They will...

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