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Sports Violence Must Be Abolished Essay

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Hockey, football, and boxing all share something in common; and no I am not referring to the skill, quickness, and finesse that is required for these sports. I am indeed referring to the intense physicality that all three of these sports strongly value. As a devoted hockey fan, I am a witness to a great part of the physicality that takes place. Therefore, I am well aware and understand that physicality is crucial in order to compete in most sports, but we have to draw the line somewhere. When there is primary intent to injure and physically hurt someone this is considered “violence”. Violence is becoming increasingly prevalent in sports, and a majority of society is passive to the negative ...view middle of the document...

Fans are so use to seeing professional athletes ram, tackle, and hit each other, they become unaware of the incident’s aftermath. In some cases, if the impact is overwhelming enough, athletes have to deal with tough injuries that can really affect their lifestyle. The most prominent of injuries include muscle tears, broken legs, and pain to joints and ligaments. Believe it or not, these are not even the most severe of injuries resulting from this sort of violent nature. According to Magill’s Medical Guide, the amount of concussions associated with professional sports is gradually increasing. Unfortunately, the effects and symptoms of a concussion can be long lasting. Little do we know, with the amount of violence we have now a concussion can be the luckiest outcome. Michael Sanderson, father of former Ontario Hockey League player Donald Sanderson, knows this too well. His son Donald was in a hockey scrap when his helmet inadvertently came off. As the fight was near ending, Donald fell head first without his helmet and hit his head onto the ice. He did regain brief consciousness, but quickly went into a coma afterwards. He was put on life support, but died three weeks later. As a witness to his son’s death Michael hopes to receive restitution, and wants people to understand that they must not stand by while athletes are at risk of losing their life to this unnecessary violence.
Then there is the role model aspect, which mainly deals with how we are portraying the violence to our youth. Children look upon adults to guide them through life and there is no question that they will definitely mimic their favourite athlete. Perhaps a child participates in youth hockey and their favourite professional hockey player aggressively “hits” an opponent. The child, whom is unaware of the consequences, may try to do the same when they play minor hockey. This as a result negatively affects the victim and their family. According to Dawn Comstock, PhD - member of the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Columbus Children’s Hospital and the Ohio State University College of Medicine and Public Health - for five out of eleven collegiate level sports, 10 percent or more of the injuries were associated with illegal activity done by an opponent. In addition, concussions among youth are also increasing and it has been scientifically proven that it takes significantly more time for a child to fully recover. If we want to see this horrendous...

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