Spousal Psychological Abuse Essay

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Abuse takes on various forms ranging from physical, mental, emotional, and neglect. Abuse is not limited to one particular group culture, but happens to people from all walks of life. Women are often the victims of abuse especially when dealing with spousal or intimate partner valance. Each year, increasingly more women have been reported to be victims of some form of spousal or intimate partner violence. Generally in a relationships abuse being to happen, the abuse begins to forms or a combination of the two. Physical violence or abuse is the first form in which actual violence takes place in the mental abuse. In this form of abuse actual violence does not occur, but the abuser is the demander or belittles the victim, causing the victim to feel worthless; other abusers combine the two forms. The emotional or mental abuse is by far the worst. According to Reed and Enright (2006) “Spousal psychological abuse represents a painful betrayal of trust leading to serious negative psychological outcomes for the abused partner,” (R. The main purpose of spousal or intimate partner abuse, contrary to popular belief, is to inflict emotional pain, not physical pain. There are several categories of spousal psychological abuse; criticizing ridiculing, jealous control, purposeful ignoring, threats of abandonment, threats of harm, and damage to personal property spousal abuse produces a more negative emotional affect when compare to physical abuse. The negative physiological affects produce depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and post traumatic stress disorder.

I work in the mental health field and work with women who have been emotional and physically abused by their spouse. Majority of the women I work with have post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Women that come into my agency often have flashback and often have trust issues with men. After a trauma event that had happen in their life and later on develop PTSD, some women may feel depressed, start drinking or using drugs. Women are more than twice as likely to develop PTSD as men.
Forgiveness therapy is a new treatment that researchers are using to deal with the negative consequences that spousal partners inflict on their spouse. The primary intention for the intervention of forgiveness therapy is for the victims to forgive their abusers and understanding that it is not their fault that they were abused. This new therapy helps increase the self-esteem of victims while alleviating some psychological effects such as depression, anxiety, and learn helplessness. This approach allows the victims to be fully aware that anger that has overwhelmed their...

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