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Spray Foam Insulation Essay

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Spray Foam Insulation
1- Sound Barrier
Many people use spray foam insulation to decrease energy costs in homes and commercial buildings. Adding or increasing the insulation in an existing structure can save hundreds of dollars a year in heating and air conditioning bills. Another reason to insulate that is not often considered is to control noise. Insulation in the walls and ceiling can act as a muffler or sound barrier to noise produced by heating and air conditioning units, phones, piping, appliances and radios. A quieter workplace is much nicer to work in than a noisy one. Studies show that quiet conditions increase a worker's efficiency.
2- R Values
Most existing homes and other structures are filled with fiberglass insulation that is very inexpensive, so it keeps the initial building costs down. It actually ends up costing the owner more money, because fiberglass rarely stops air leaks efficiently. Additionally, the material has a low R value and absorb moisture so it is prone to unhealthy mold and mildew. Spray foam insulation will stop the air leaks which will save you money on your utility bills. It also has a very high R value of eight for each inch. Fiberglass only has a R value of one for each inch.
3- Cold Feet
I knew that there was a lot of heat seeping through my attic and walls. There was just too much warm air escaping during the winter, and we never could get totally warm on the coldest nights. My brother told me about a better material to use than my old fiberglass batt insulation. He suggested using spray foam insulation to fill spaces between the studs in the walls and attic. Once it is applied, it expands to over 100 times its original volume so it effectively seals any gaps and cracks to the outside. I hired a professional to do the whole house, because I am tired of having cold feet.
4- Vacation House
My dad was a building contractor, and he said they used spray foam insulation 30 years ago for industrial and commercial applications. He installed the material in meat packing plants, assembly plants and even refrigerated trucks. These days it has become increasingly common to see it called for in residential homes, and that is why I asked to have it installed in the new vacation home I was building at the coast. Dad said he would come out of retirement long enough to install the insulation for me as long as he and my mom had a standing invitation to the vacation house at all times.
5- Water Vapor
My husband decided to have spray foam insulation installed in the attic. He wanted to hire a professional, because there were a few things he was not sure he would do correctly if he tried to do it himself. For example, the attic is a primary avenue for excess water vapor to escape from a home. If it is applied incorrectly, the insulation may block the exit of the water vapor and result in unexpected damage to the walls and ceiling. The installation contractor would have to be licensed in our state and be bonded and...

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