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Aids is becoming a very common disease throughout the World. The disease is growing more and more as the years go by. There are many ways to prevent Aids but many choose not too. I will be talking about the facts and figures of Aids. The history behind the disease Aids, and the origins the disease Aids follows.
Just over 30 years ago, Aids became one of the leading killing disease worldwide. In the early years of the Aids many people feared it. Aids is common and with lots of money scientist finally found the cure to Aids. When Aids was newly discovered people died instantly. People who suffer now from Aids rarely die and manage to live a healthy life by the help of the medicine that cures aids. Many don't have the money to afford the treatment for Aids so thats were the rates goes up from people dying of Aids.
Aids can be transmitted in several ways. For example, when having affairs it's wiser to wear a condomto prevent Aids. Many believe that gay men have a higher rate of getting Aids. The reason for that is because gay men usually have anal sex and thats one of the main source where the disease can get transmitted to another person. Blood to blood contact is another form to get Aids.
30 years ago, many wondered how do people get Aids. After years of studies Aids comes from HIV. Aids is the most advanced stage of HIV infection. What having the infection HIV do to your body is it destroys your immune system. Also you get terrible flu to the point of death. Many don't understand why HIV cause Aids but i'm sure they will find the answer. HIV lives and reproduces in blood and other body fluids.
Aids is a worldwide disease, infact its the worlds’ leading infectious killer. 33.4 million people are currently suffering from Aids worldwide. More than 1.1 million people are suffering from Aids in the United States. Aids for some odd reason is well known in rural neighborhoods. It's estimated that 3.34 million children are living with Aids. In Asia 4.7 million people are suffering from Aids. 15 million people have died from Aids.
Many people don't know they have Aids because while you have Aids, there is no symptoms. After a month of having Aids that's when the disease attacks and people usually start feeling flu like symptoms. That's been the case for many years. For example Magic Johnson didn't know he had Aids until he started to feel really tired and sick. At that time they didn't have the cure for Aids but finally after 6 months of him suffering they finally found the cure. That medicine is referred as ART many doctors recommend it to patients suffering from Aids. Doctors every year are trying to find more and better medicine to treat Aids
When having sexual content with your partner when you have either vaginal or anal sex you're most likely to have contact with your partners body fluids. Usually Aids lives and reproduces in body fluids. When having open sores the body fluids can enter your partners body fluids if he is not...

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