Spreading The Usage Of Condom : Preventing Or Inviting?

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Based on the data by United Nation AIDS (UNAIDS), the spread of HIV/AIDS in Indonesia was the fastest in Southeast Asia and most of them caused by sexual intercourse. One of the ways to decrease the number of this case is by using condom in sexual intercourse, which is called safe sex. Then, to celebrate the World AIDS day on 1 December, Ministry of Health made a program named Condom National Week as a campaign to spread the usage of condom by giving free condoms and information about HIV/AIDS to couples and young generation in several cities.
The program made pros and cons in society in the different way of perspective. People who support this program saw it as a way to prevent the increasing number of HIV/AIDS. Condoms prevent the spread of HIV virus to others while having sex. As contraception, condom would also decrease the number of abortion by women who did not want to have a baby. However, the cons that refused this program saw this program as a way to invite young generations to do free sex. By spreading free condoms, it will make young generations contend that “having sex is safe if they use condoms”, that will also increase the number of free sex.
Ministry of Health collaboration with The National AIDS commission spends 25 billion rupiahs for this program. It was used to buy 30.000 condoms, bus as the transportation to spread the condoms and other equipment. This is a big amount of state’s money to support this campaign which is better to distribute it in another way of preventing than spreading free condoms.
In fact, condom is contraception in planning program for husbands and wives, so the use of condoms in sex intercourse is not effective to prevent HIV/AIDS. Based on the report from Pacific Asia AIDS conference in Chiang Mai, Thailand (1995), using safe condom is not true. The diameter of pore in condom is 1/60 micron in a state of stretchable and if it was stretched it will be 10 times bigger, while the HIV virus itself is 1/250 micron. Thus, using condom to prevent HIV/AIDS is not recommended.
Then, Ministry of Health said that spreading the use of condom was held regularly in USA since 1982. However, the report from United State Center of Diseases Control (USCDC) stated...

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