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Events In 1945 1980 That Affected The United States History

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Events in 1945-1980 that affected the United States history
During the past years of the 1900s many factors have happened that resulted in the change of the United States history and future. It changed the everyday lives of Americans of how they survived and supported themselves and their family, in both positive and negative ways that affected them daily. For instance, the political affairs of the government and the election of candidates for certain parties like democratic or republican can affect the history of the country, on how the government or Congress passed laws that were of equal protection to its people and how it helps benefit both civilians and the nation itself. On social occasions this could affect the United States history because it is solely based on how the people will react and respond to a certain topic, action, or movement. Their opinions may differ depending on where they stand, on how they look at it from their perspective in their belief on morals, religion, or sense of patriotism to the United States. Advancements in technology affect the nation’s history as well because the improved technology in the 1900s provided many uses for the Americans. The basis of these technologies were to offer entertainment, transportation, communication, military, and also for labor tasks and work. But the events that occurred during 1945-1980s also established these significant altercations in history; were of either social, like The Beatles. And of a political event such as the Korean War that occurred in 1953. Also, a technological event like as the innovation of the world’s first personal computer. Whether the effects of these three events were of negative or positive, these three incidents led to the change in the nation's history in which the United States was affected by.
The Korean War was a political event that lasted three years from 1950 to 1953. It earned and was also known as by the nickname of The Forgotten War. But before The Korean War and WWII had begun when the U.S. and Japan weren’t yet adversaries, in 1904-1095 Japan gained victory upon winning the Russo-Japanese War in which they then claimed their victorious prize and annexed Korea as one of its own and continued to do so from 1910 to the end of WWII. On December 7, 1941 Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. It became clear to the U.S. that Japan was a threat and was an enemy so thus began the war between the two. When Japan had finally collapsed in 1945 the Soviet Union troops accepted Japan’s surrender north of the 38th parallel line on the Korean peninsula as the U.S. troops also had done south of it. But after World War II ended; just as Vietnam was, it left Korea split into two separate political groups, with the communist North Korea which was led by a man named Kim Il Sung and the anti-communist South Korea being led by its leader Syngman Rhee. The two territorial groups often fought against each other but the conflicts between the two rarely resulted...

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