Spring Dance Concert: Burlesque Choreographed By Ariana Anderson

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Dance. It is to move one’s feet or body, or both, rhythmically in a pattern of steps, especially to the accompaniment of music. On Friday, April 11, 2014, I went to the Young Choreographers Dance Concert at Windwards Community College’s Paliku Theatre. The dance concert shows many of the Mid-Pacific School of the Arts (MPSA) Dance Program students and their amazing choreography. The dance concert is almost entirely student directed with twelve total dances. Students from seventh to twelfth grade were participating in this dance concert. The dance concert is important to attend because there aren’t many opportunities to see live dance in Hawaii so when the opportunity arises, you should take the chance while you can. It also showcases the talent that the MPSA Dance Program has in their dancers.
One dance piece that I found entertaining was Burlesque choreographed by Ariana Anderson. This piece was really entertaining because each of the ...view middle of the document...

This piece was inspiring to me because they had a lot of energy in each movement and each movement was sharp. They were never off timing and when they jumped, there wasn’t any sound when they landed which shows that they were working hard and putting their all into their dance. There was also a definite pointe and flex and nothing in between. In this dance, there was also a lot of tilts and rolls in it. I thought that this really added a lot to the performance so it wasn’t just all upper movements. There were a lot of pirouettes or times they would turn on one foot with their legs in different directions. It was sort of a sad song but the dancers made it really engaging to watch.
The final dance piece that I found both inspiring and entertaining is 1/2 Full choreographed by Skye Constable and Jacee Sanpei. The girl dancers were all in different colored tops paired with black bottoms. The guy dancers were in back tank tops and long pants. They had a lot of intriguing hand movements that were really interesting and unique. There was also a lot of sectioned dancing like where there would only be a few dancers on the stage and sometimes there would be many dancers on stage. I think that when there were less people on stage, it really helped to show each dancers talent so that you could focus on watching just them and not a lot of other dancers. Something that was entertaining about the dance was that there were a lot of canons in it which kept it enjoyable. There was also floor work that was captivating for me because it was really showed more of what dance can become.
This dance concert really shows the talent of the MPSA Dance Program students whether is is dancing in a piece or choreographing a piece. The dancers made everything seem so effortless when they actually had to use a lot of strength to do the dance moves. They did a really great job with having really good timing for the canons and getting to different places. These dances are an inspiration to me because these are things I have to work on improving such as timing and showing more energy. This dance concert was amazing to watch and and an overall great experience.

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