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My sister and I made a day out of going to Lincoln’s House, Tomb, Museum and New Salem. We left at five in the morning and did not return until about seven or eight that night. The whole experience was interesting. I really enjoyed the Museum and its life like exhibits. The wax figures were so detailed right down to the texture and the facial expressions. There is a cabin that you can walk through along with other rooms with artifacts that you could browse. However, the slave auction scene had the biggest impact on me personally. Two men were dragging a mother and child apart after the sale and it was very heartbreaking. The next exhibit that I enjoyed was a modern day newscast with the campaign of 1860. They had four candidates that they briefly summed up the different stances of each. They even had the live ticker at the bottom of the screen that was talking about Louis Pasteur and his discoveries.
Touring Lincoln’s home was not as interesting to me as the rest of the fieldtrip. The tour guide spoke mostly about furnishings and wall paper and I wanted to hear more about Lincoln himself. I would have been happier with a self guided tour of the home. On the positive side you could take all the pictures you wanted. They had a mock up town in the information center that was interesting. It had buttons that would light the way on the map to specific places like his precession, Mary’s sisters house and the rest of the neighborhood.
Abe Lincoln’s Tomb was awesome. There are statues all around that are magnificent and the material it was built out of was amazing. They have marble from Italy on the walls and other countries contributed to making this Tomb.
After the Tomb we visited New Salem, a quaint village where Lincoln lived for about six years. They have people working there dressed in 1800 clothing and acting as though that was there life. They had small cabins that you could walk through along with the store, blacksmith’s shop and cooper shop. Lincoln went into business with William Berry for the Lincoln-Berry store in New Salem. The store went out of business after the bigger store came to town. Lincoln never owned a place of his own in New Salem and stayed at other peoples cabins....

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