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Sprout Program In Arrow Electronics Essay

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A vital factor in organizational structures is to have a strategy for training employees. Arrow Electronics, with their initial sprout program, targeted an audience with valid credentials, however, their failure was due to flaws in their planning. The training program can only function correctly if the recruiting process in place is efficient and reliable. The training program should provide clear goals for the employee and welcome feedback from them. Employees should be involved in decision making and recognized as a valuable resource for the company.
Recruitment is an important tool in the selection process for any company looking to hire the best. The old program targeted freshly ...view middle of the document...

In most cases, credentials signal investment in skills such as college degrees. However, some individuals may have relevant skills and abilities, but not the required resources to afford the investment in education. For this reason, recruitment and interviews shouldn’t be limited to college graduates, but to a diverse group with similar characteristics as veteran employees, who excel in performance. The hiring team should consider the appropriate skills and characteristics associated with the position and screen resumes.
Next, after screening resumes, Arrow should proceed by contacting potential candidates by phone and conducting a trial interview. The trial interview is meant to gather information on what interests the applicant in the position, then Arrow would proceed to give a brief overview of the position. The intended outcome of the trial interview is to build rapport with the applicant, understand their needs, set expectations, and convey logistics of the interview if the applicant is deemed suitable to proceed to one.
For the main interview, the interviewer will build on the rapport generated in the trial interview. Rapport is important because it warms up the candidate, opening them up for questioning for later, plus it builds trust. The interviewer will conduct a behavioural interview while looking for traits such as whether or not the applicant is hard working, tenacious, has values (pride, doing the right thing, reliability, independence, attainment, need for money). Reason being for this is that past behaviour is the best indicator of future behaviour. These traits are valuable in sales positions. The interviewer will probe the answers that the interviewee gives to evaluate the weight of their answers because applicants have an incentive to give answers that they think you want to hear. At the end, the interviewee will do a trial close on the applicant, regardless of whether or not they intend to hire them or not. Never hire on the spot and wait at least twenty-four hours before calling back with a final decision. The purpose of this interview and selection process is to mitigate problems associated with adverse selection, moral hazard, asymmetric information, and signalling. Candidates who make it through the process are offered to move on to orientation.
The orientation will give the candidates an understanding of how Arrow operates, meet fellow workers and develop an understanding of the structure of the organization. As a response to the initial sprouts program, where veteran employees feel threatened, the new program will assign roles to veteran employees as mentors and leaders to lead the orientation. This selection will be based on their overall performance as members of Arrow’s sales force and under new responsibility they will feel more motivated instead of insecure. Throughout the 2 week long orientation, the recruits will be informed of policies and rules they must abide to while...

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