Square Enix: Success In The Gaming Industry

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Thought the years, one industry has grown. Even through the hardest times, the video game industry has flourished. As one of the largest video game companies in the world, Square Enix CO., LTD has produced over one hundred games in the early 1980's. When the gaming industry first began, its livelihood was questionable. Square Enix CO., LTD has answered that question with undeniable success. While it began as two separate companies, Square Enix has grown and rightfully taken its place as a leader in the video game market.
Its inception was a blip on the screen in 1982 when Enix Corporation first opened its doors. (SQUARE ENIX, n.d) Four years later, Square CO., LTD would open its doors. While Square CO., LTD officially opened its doors in 1986; it had been releasing games since 1984. (SQUARE ENIX, n.d) On its own Square CO., LTD would go on to develop and release on one of the most well known game series on the market. They released Final Fantasy in 1987 and it soon became the company's first hit. (GameFAQs, n.d.) The designer, Hironobu Sakaguchi, created a game that would revolutionize game play for years to come. The game drew inspiration from Enix's Dragon Quest and Nintendo's smash hit, The Legend of Zelda.(GameFAQs, n.d.) Final Fantasy would go on to produce nearly thirty-games. (GameFAQs, n.d.) The franchise is still growing and producing games that while similar are all completely new and exciting. Each game is its own, with its own story line, world and characters. Sakaguchi would go on to produce and direct six more Final Fantasy games, other would direct the games to follow. (GameFAQs, n.d.)
Square CO., LTD would establish Square LA., INC, based in Los Angeles, California in 1995. (SQUARE ENIX, n.d) This would be Square CO., LTD's first venture into the United States market. While they had imported games into the US for retailers, they did not yet have an established base of operations. May of 1998 would see another expansion of the company with its merger with Electronic Arts. This would not be the company's only merger. Many more would follow, each expanding their market and their expertise. The company further expanded its market in December of 1998, when it opened the doors to Square Europes., LTD. (SQUARE ENIX, n.d) This would open the company to Europe's trading markets and truly establish global marketing. With bases of operations in the strongest markets in the world, Square CO., LTD would not only increase its revenue streams, but also make quality games for gamers of every country. With translations being done in either Europe or the United States, cultural mistakes could be avoided. With the basic scripts sent to each base of operations, the translations themselves were easier and more cost-effective. Japan would no longer have to hire and fly in actors to do voice for games released in the US or Europe.
While Square CO., LTD was growing rapidly, Enix Corporation was quick to...

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