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Sri Aurobindo’s Ideal Concept Of Education

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• Introduction
Sri Aurobindo Ghosh the great Indian philosopher and tradition of experimentation with education and educational methods crossed a long expanse. Sri Aurobindo was a dedicated to the knowledge of life. Who propounding the knowledge of life and came to the realization that the India wants to have a better place in the world, Indian educa- tion and educating method are to be enriched. This enrichment will be achieved through endless experimentation. Sri Aurobindo is an educationist not by chance but by choice. Like Tagore and Swami Vivekananda and other eminent personalities he also dedicated his whole life in achieving the perfect goal of human life. He knew well that without a successful and fruitful education system India can never achieved the desired goal. This article will make a searching analysis about the concept of education and its distribution method as it was promulgated by Sri Aurobindo.
• Objectives of Education
The first objectives of education is to obtain knowledge, techniques and skill and these various types of facts of education one can get through the understanding and studying literature, culture, nation and its history. Sri Aurobindo strongly believed that real education purify human physical body which can possible through the hard training of the every sense. Francis Bacon once affirmed:
“Discretion is more than eloquence”.
Like Bacon, Sri Aurobindo viewed that real education must enlarge the logical faculty in the learners along with mental growth in them. Matthew Arnold belonged from Victorian England, who is most admired educationist believed that
“good literature instructs the lessons of good and bad”
Like Arnold, Sri Aurobindo viewed education as the best standard that can teach people ethics, morals and the sense of good and bad. He thought that human beings contain in their physical self some fundamental about goodness and divinity. Fruitful education must drive human beings towards divinity through the development of manas and chitra. Education will bring consciousness through lessons. Consciousness brings self realization. Self realization fathers the potentiality in the mind of the learners.
• Aurobindo’s Ideal Concept of Education
Sri Aurobindo had very clear concept of education. His concept about education is revolves around all facts of education and not passionate with one single idea of education. He strongly and practically believed in integrated education which includes spiritual, moral, physical, philosophical and social. Auribindo’s idea and praposal of education does not stay static in one time but he aimed at the thought of education that will be well and just for all ages to come. He was iconoclast in his idea of education. Ideal education must be suitable with the altering stress of the world. N.C. Dowsetti has truly remarked on Aurobindo’s scheme of education
“the meaning of the word education is to bring forth the inner, hidden, latent, dormant, potential secret within every...

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