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Sri Lanka Navy Essay

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“Whoever controls the Indian Ocean dominates Asia. This ocean is the key to the seven seas in the twenty-first century, the destiny of the world will be decided in these water.”
Rear Admiral Alfred Thayer Mahan


1. Without a forceful naval power, the Island nation’s is facing huge trouble in present situation in whole over the world. “Sri Lankan strategic maritime location, in the very lap of the Indian ocean and at the confluence of several critical shipping lanes gives it great importance in the maritime affairs of not just the Indian ocean, but global as well. The oceans have always been central ...view middle of the document...

Having such recognition to the Sri Lanka navy is vital and presently Sri Lanka navy is heading towards professional Navy.

3. With the evolvement of new technologies and the change of situation every Navy have to change their operational philosophy. For example during peak of World War I and II gunboats utilized effectively and were valuable assets to those era navies but with the evolvement of missiles to the ships value of gunboats reduced due to its large maintenance and less effectiveness compare to missile ships. At present Sri Lanka Navy can be defined as Brown water Navy where operations are mainly focus toward littoral waters than high seas due to availability only 03 OPVs and 02 FMVs. Keeping side of becoming power projection navy, Sri Lanka Navy have to improve her sea denial capabilities in larger EEZ of Indian ocean focused toward southward of Island. In this diplomatic role and constabulary role of Sri Lanka Navy need to be improved and need to change concept of operation considering direction of threat form landward to sea ward.


4. The aim of this paper is to elaborate the focus areas of Sri Lanka Navy and developments required for it’s future.


Specific Area of Focus

5. The naval profession has become very complex in the present day, with the development of new weapon systems, which in turns give new capabilities. Sri Lankan Navy required focus on various improvements. With the development of any country it defence force also being developed. World will demand many responsibilities from Sri Lanka Navy in Indian Ocean Region. To accomplish such duties following areas need to improve;

a. Units. SL Navy had developed as demanded by the LTTE conflict itself. The present states of operational ships are less and maintenance cost is too high. Sri Lanka government should adapted short term and long term plan to achieve her objective. Induct assets and develop suitable infrastructure for the proper workable plan to be established for future requirement of Navy. The SL Navy must possess with particular ship which are use to operate out at sea for a particular assigned task or act as demanded by the country. Offshore patrol vessels are principally used to conduct offshore patrol duties in the exclusive economic zone (EEZ) of Sri Lanka. For an example same class of SLNS Sayura, INS Sukanya is currently deployed in anti-piracy operations in the Gulf of Aden. Frigates and Destroyers with sensors of augment airborne maritime surveillance, strike, Anti-Submarine Warfare and air defence capability through induction of shore-based aircraft, integral hellos, and space based AIS and UAVs, along with suitable weapons and sensors. Induct equipment and specialized platforms for Special Forces to enhance niche capabilities to conduct Maritime Intervention Operations and other envisaged roles.

b. Maintenance. SLN require changing her operational philosophy towards meeting...

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