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Srqc Web Page Description. Essay

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SRQC Web Page DescriptionThe Internet has become a major commercial resource for many corporations desiring to conduct business on a small or large scale. The global nature of the Internet has provided many corporations an effective way to provide goods and services for customers located next door or around the world. Users interact with and view Internet related data on their computer screens in the form hypertext specific text called web pages. This paper will provide details describing web page design strategies that can be used by SRQC Investment Group (SRQC) to enhance customer awareness and increase its business objectives.SRQC is a subsidiary of Antelope Valley Banking System (AVBS), an alternative banking system used throughout the world. SRQC specializes in fixed income investment strategies for the AVBS investor. While SRQC deals mainly with fixed income strategies, the company also works in conjunction with other subsidiary investment groups under AVBS to provide the customer with a complete array of integrated investment plans and opportunities.SRQC provides its customers with current investment information and choices that are tailored for each customer's objectives. An essential part of the business are the training seminars used to instruct customers on how to use the various investment strategies to meet their personal or corporate financial goals. A web page could be utilized to provide a complete integrated investment strategy, while providing current investment information for its customers.Proper planning is crucial to the success of a website, therefore it very important that one knows how many pages are needed and how the pages will be linked (Goldman, Cole, Panko, Young, & Hahn 2003). The SRQC web page should be designed with a two phased approach, with the first phase being comprised of the following areas: (a) ability of web page to be updated on a daily basis reflecting specific investment information, (b) general information regarding SRQC (c) periodic updates of rate of returns of its various investment programs, (d) secure customer access of fixed income account information, (e) secure access of account transactions between corporate account and local SRQC accounts, (f) and ability for customer to request informational packages via form email.SRQC Web Page Layout and functionalityThe web page for SRQC should be formatted in a four-part frame structure, consisting of header, left index, main, and footer frames. With the web pages arranged in the following order: (a) main page (located in main frame) comprised with general company information, (b) index page (located in left frame) comprised of all...

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