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CHAPTER 2 Governance in SingaporeKey ConceptsGovernance - The method adopted by a government in managing the country's resources.Representative democracy - the citizens of a country select the leaders in the govt. through an election.System of governmentPractice representative democracyLeaders represent people in parliament.1. Structure of Government1.1 LegislatureConsist of president and members of parliamentMake the laws of the country.Provide safe environment for citizens by keeping order.Government decisions are made according to the laws.Process of law making:Bill is proposed → Reasons for bill explained → Bill debated in parliament → Studied by committee → Bill passed by parliament → Viewed by Presidential Council for Minority Rights → Sent to president → Bill becomes law.1.2 ExecutiveConsist of President and Cabinet (Ministers)Execute laws.Manage policies through ministries and Civil serviceConsider feedback from Public.1.3 JudiciaryConsists of various judges and law courts.Carries out and uphold law.Make decisions and judgements.Ensure laws passed do not breach constitution.Ensure justice in society.2. Guiding Principles of Governance2.1 Leadership is key"Leaders must do what is right rather than what is popular"Good leaders required to maintain stability in the government by making right decisionsPotential leaders with good characters are specially selected and groomed.2.2.0 Anticipate change and stay relevantMust be open to new ideas and question old assumptions.2.2.1 Ensuring self-sufficiency in water supplyWater agreements with Malaysia will end in 2011, 2061.Alternative water supplies producing NEWater and desalinated water.2.2.2 Integrated ResortsImprove tourist industry in the face of competitions in countries of Asia2.2.3 Taking risksGreater on emphasis on Research & DevelopmentEncouraging creativityConstant upgrading of skills to remain relevant2.3 Reward for work and Work for RewardMeritocracy - System that rewards hard work and talent.Earn a living and safeguard our future.Equal opportunities to achieve one's best.Encouraged to do well, if rewarded based on abilities and hardwork.2.4 A stake for everyone, Opportunities for allCreation of inclusive society, fairness across all religions, races…When people have a say in decision-making, gives them greater sense of belonging.Do so by making people voice their concerns about government plans.3. Understanding Governance through traffic flow3.1 Area licensing Scheme (ALS) in 19751970 - Rapid growth → traffic volume in city higherMotorists have to pay for use of certain roads - Restricted Zones within CBD.Gantries to monitor vehicles going into RZs.Other measures complement ALS such as improving bus service, cost of parking, Park-and-Ride facilities.Scheme successful in ensuring smooth traffic flow in CBD.3.2 Electronic Road PricingAlthough ALS was effective in controlling traffic flow, still room for improvement.ERP similar to ALS:...

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2552 words - 10 pages , Corporations Act. [9] ss324CA-324CC, Corporations Act. [10] Section 324CD, Corporations Act. [11] ss 324CE-324CH, Corporations Act. [12] ss 324DA-324DD, Corporations Act. [13] s 324CH, Corporations Act. [14] CPA Australia and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (2004) ‘Auditing Handbook’, Prentice Hall, Sydney. The Effect Of Auditor Tenure On Audit Quality Accounting Essay,

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4446 words - 18 pages and brush a deadly virus under the political carpet. Works Cited Absolutely Positive. Video. Dir. Peter Adair. KQED Productions, San Francisco, 1991. “Access Excellence: Let’s Collaborate: Dr. Donald P. Francis Talks to Teachers About The Ebola Outbreak.” “AIDS: Another Sad Year For the Sick, A Frightening Future for the Country.” Life Jan 1988: 42. “AIDS

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1201 words - 5 pages Abu Hanifah Y (1990) Post-operative surgical wound infection. Med J Malaysia. 45:293–297. Adegoke AA, Tom M, Okoh AI, Jacob S (2010) Studies on multiple antibiotic resistant bacterial isolated from surgical site infection. Scient Res. Essays 5:3876-81. Ahmed M, Nadeem Alam S, Khan O, Manzar S 2007. Post-operative wound infection: A surgeon’s dilemma. Pak. J. Sur. 23(1):41-47. Al-Momany NH, Al-Bakri AG, Makahleh ZM, Wazaify MM (2009