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Do we really live in a free country? A country that knows and controls the peoples every move does not necessarily mean freedom to me. From the moment the people are born, the U.S. government issues each and every person a number. This nine digit number is used to "watch" ones every move. This number is used to know where the people are, where they live, where they work, and even used by the government to know how much money they have. We as people are nothing but nine numbers. The people should not even have names, just this number. This number is our social security number. Some would call it proof that we, as individuals, exist. This essay will discuss the pros and cons of this social security number that we desperately need to have.When social security numbers were first issued in 1936, the federal government assured the public that use of the numbers would be limited to social security programs. Today, however, the social security number is the most frequently used number for the recordkeeping in the United States. Social security numbers are used for employee files, medical records, health insurance accounts, credit and banking accounts, university ID cards, and many other purposes. In fact, the social security number is now required for dependents over one year of age if the parents claim the child for tax purposes.Computer records have replaced paper filing systems in most organizations. Since more than one person may share the same name, accurate retrieval of information works best if each file is assigned a unique number. We should just all replace our names with our numbers. Many businesses and government agencies believe the social security number is made for this purpose. However, with the rise in the crime of identity theft and other illegitimate uses of the social security number, this assumption is not valid. The crime of identity theft is increasing at epidemic proportions. With the social security number accessible to so many people, it is relatively easy for someone to fraudulently use ones social security to assume ones identity and gain access to ones bank account, credit accounts, utilities records, and other sources of personal information. Identity thieves can also establish new credit and bank accounts in ones name.Banks and credit card companies are reporting an increase in social security related fraud. Even though the social security offers advantages for identification and record-keeping purposes, the widespread use of the social security number makes invasions of privacy and fraud easier to commit. The crime of identity theft is increasing at epidemic proportions. With social security numbers accessible to so many people, it is relatively easy for someone to fraudulently use ones social security to assume ones identity and gain access to ones bank account, credit services, utility billing information, driving history, and other sources of personal information. Identity thieves can also establish new credit and bank...

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