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When one thinks of the Ancient Romans, their mind immediately envisions a vast empire led by fierce rulers and intelligent peoples, but that leaves the question of how was Rome able to proceed from a small city to an imperialistic power. On the road to becoming an empire Rome must first improve their own infrastructure through the building of vast roads such as the Via Appia and through the building of aqueducts such as the Aqua Appia in order to provide fresh water for the roman citizens and army. For this reason I decided to conduct research using the question; ‘What impact did the building of roads such as the Via Appia and aqueducts such as the Aqua Appia have on The Roman republic’s ability to keep the Etruscan city of Tarquinia in their possession?’ as the basis for my research. I chose this topic because it is early in roman history and is after Rome established itself as a republic. These two archaeological achievements are what led Rome to be positioned for sovereignty in the Middle East’s later years as well as allowed them to keep many large cities appeased in order to prevent and if necessary put down any possible rebellions. This topic is important because transportation and fresh water are critical in protecting cities in times of war and this idea of increasing infrastructure before war times is a practice that is still used today by many modern day governments.
How Rome became a republic
There are many myths surrounding how the city of Rome was founded, but there is one theory that archaeologists tend to accept with more than others.
The myth that is more widely accepted refers to the twins Romulus and Remus and begins in a city known as Alba Longa with their mother Rhea Silvia, who claimed to be a vestal virgin, consecrated to the Roman goddess Vesta and to the service of watching the sacred fire perpetually kept burning on her altar. Since she was impregnated she would have normally been sentenced to be buried alive by king , but the people of Alba Longa had a different opinion. She was allowed to live but when her twins were born she had to surrender them to King Amulius’ men (king Amulius overthrew his brother Numitor and Rhea was Numitor’s daughter). The twins where thrown into a river that was engorged by a flood and eventually washed up on the shore of the river. As if by chance a wolf that recently lost her cubs in the same flood and stumbled upon the twins. She then proceeded to nurse and protect them until a wandering Sheppard passed through and adopted them. The twins became Sheppard’s and Remus eventually met Numitor, the ruler of Alba Longa long before King Amulius overthrew him. Numitor realized that Remus was his grandson and planted the beginning seeds of rebellion. After the rebellion ended Amulius was found dead and the twins set off to form their own city. It was during this rebellion where the thirst for power was instilled into the twins and most likely lead to the continued development...

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