St. Ambrose Vs University Of Iowa

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Every year there are thousands of students planning and tracking their goals. Seniors in high school are faced with the tough challenge, while the Juniors are left to worry another year. Finally, the point comes a student’s life where they must make one of the most important decisions in their educational lifetime. That choice is, which college to attend, and it is a very scrutinous process. Two of such colleges are the University of Iowa and St. Ambrose University, and although similarities like majors and minors are evident, there are many other differences including student life.
Everything comes with a price, especially college education. The University of Iowa’s webpage, 2013-2014 Undergraduate Cost of Attendance states that, “these expenses represent average amounts” (3). Most costs vary depending on duration and living plans for the students. For a student living on campus, the estimated total price is around $20,691. Tuition fees, and housing and meals, normally add up to be about $17,485, out of the total. Then there is the books, personal, and transportation fees which end up being $3,206. For many families, that ends up being quite a bit of money. But both schools allow the use of financial aid or even loans to pay for the college education.
Just like University of Iowa, St. Ambrose University requires tuition and fees. Being a private school, the prices are a bit higher. For example the tuition for a full time student is $26,500. That number is without the added fees like books, personal, and transportation. The good thing about private schools is that there are bigger scholarships available. St. Ambrose’s webpage, Scholarships & Grants talks about the Ambrose Scholar, which is a scholarship that pays a student’s whole tuition. (6). For both schools, scholarships can come from the state or organizations the student has been involved in.
Every student wants a top notch education that is personalized for their needs. At the University of Iowa, because it is a public university, there are over two hundred different majors/minors. The most popular ones include engineering, psychology, biology, business, and English. It is normal to see students with no declared major...

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