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St. Lawrence Market Essay

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St. Lawrence Market is one of the two major markets in Toronto, it is considered as one of the greatest markets in the world. It's has been around for more than 200 years. St. Lawrence is 31 years older than Toronto. Within St. Lawrence Market, there are three main buildings, North Market, South Market and the St. Lawrence Hall. Every Saturday, Local farmers bring their fresh food to the St. Lawrence Market North and sell it there from 5 a.m to 5 p.m. Also, you can rent the St.Lawrence Hall for events like a wedding, corporate events and available for parties. The St. Lawrence Market South sells many varieties of food and special non-food items. Not only do they sell food and non-food ...view middle of the document...

St. Lawrence Market not only provides a place for local farmer to sell their Fresh products, but also for restaurants and customers to buy their goods. There are many varieties of fruit, vegetable, meat and cooked food. Many people like Farmers, Merchants, bakers, butchers and fishmongers in Toronto rely on St.Lawrence Market to sell fresh and cooked food for a living.

One challenge is that the redevelopment project stopped. The redevelopment was suppose to increase the parking space and the interior space that used by the community. Hopefully, it will bring many more tourist or Canadians' attentions. The major reason the project was stopped because the price had risen. The price for redeveloping the St.Lawrence Market raised from 75 million to 92 million. The government had doubts to give more funds for the project. Fortunately, the council approved the project and then another challenge came up. When some Torontonians thought that it had been like that for more than 40 years, it unnecessary to change it and it is a waste of money. And it's true that this project uses a large amount of money and it will need quite a bit of time until Toronto will actually make money out of it. In fact, we still can't predict the amount the tourist that will attract after spending 92 million on redevelopment. It's will becoming a challenge if it...

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