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St. Louis Principles Essay

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In order for the St. Louis population to rise again, and the metropolitan to flourish once more, the mayor and local council should consider coming up with new policies and shaping the already existing ones. For this to happen, they must have a brief oversight of how the city functions. With the ever-increasing population, St, Louis should use this to their advantage to make it prosper.
Since the conception of the town in the 50’s, the town should maintain and preserve its heritage and culture(Glaeser 14-18). This means preservation of traditional aspects such as original infrastructure and their unique way of life. This brings about the attraction of different people in terms of cultural exchange and ideas. The aspect of culture is a huge factor in the emergence of trade and idea sharing. This means that entrepreneurs will be able to meet and cluster in the growing metropolitan, share ideas and learn from each other, realizing their potential as well as the cities. This would be a viable idea in the policy making of St. Louis as a metropolitan.
Second, embrace of technology and Silicon Valley in the development of St. Louis as a metropolitan would also be a factor in the increase of population(Glaeser 25-31). This would enable the exchange of information, communication among others. Productivity of the city would greatly increase. Dominant cities such as New York and Singapore grew solely from this reason.(Glaeser)
In order for St. Louis to realize its urban success, it should heavily invest in its infrastructure(Glaeser 43). The city should think of going “up” instead of “outwards”. The building of skyscrapers will increase density(Glaeser). These buildings may be used for various functions such as office space, apartments among other uses. Interaction and innovation will be highly motivated because commuters and residents will be able to interact with one another quite...

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