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St. Mark's Gospel And The Nature Of Discipleship

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St. Mark's Gospel and the Nature of Discipleship

The word 'disciple' is used to describe the very first followers of
Jesus. This term is also applied to anyone who calls him or herself a

The word disciple is derived from the Latin-discipulus, meaning pupil
or learner. Jesus was not the only person to have disciples there are
also references to the disciples of the Pharisees and also John the
Baptists' disciples. The word is also used to describe the twelve
apostles of Jesus. They were chosen to help Jesus on his mission of
spreading the word of God and founding a new Christian people. They
were also chosen to continue in Jesus' work after his death.

The story of the Calling of the First Disciples tells us about when
Jesus chose the apostles. I find it peculiar that Jesus should choose
perfect strangers to carry out such important tasks such as healing
the sick and spreading the word of God. The men he chose were
fishermen I think Jesus had a motive for this. He wanted to choose the
right people. Fishermen are generally patient, and determined,
qualities needed for discipleship. Jesus wanted to communicate with
the people. He knew that they would listen to the disciples, who were
ordinary people. He needed someone to communicate with outcasts, to
make them believe that they can change. Perhaps this is the reason he
chose Levi.

The disciples Jesus chose were to be his most loyal companions. They
had to be willing to die for Jesus. Jesus needed his disciples to do
certain tasks for him he needed them to cast out evil spirits and heal
the sick. The disciples had to imitate the life of Christ. They could
not hold possessions, as they were distractions. However on many
occasions they did not fulfil these special requirements for example
on one occasion they couldn't cast away the evil demon possessed
inside a little boy. Jesus later explained this was because of their
lack of faith. There were many other incidents when they made
mistakes. When James and John asked for the seats on either side of
Jesus in heaven. The mistakes of the disciples show that it is not
always easy to be as good a disciple as you would wish. They also
teach us, as we learn from mistakes made by others and ourselves.

Having studied Marks gospel I have learned the qualities of being a
disciple. I have learned that faith is an important quality from the
calling of the disciples. Service is also imperative; this is evident
when Jesus sent out the twelve disciples. Humility is also significant
shown in the widows offering. I now know that patience is essential
from the story in the garden of Gethsemane. These are just some of the
qualities the disciples showed when Jesus taught them. I believe that
the most important quality is faith because without faith there is not
motive for helping, or...

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