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St. Michaels Church Essay

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Saint Michael's church in Hildesheim Germany is one of Germany's largest and most grand churches. The church is about one thousand years old. It' been through many wars and has been repaired many times. It's well known for it's large size and intrucite, yet clean design. The church also has a number of artifacts and features that makes it stand out when compared to other churches. Some examples of famous artifacts from Saint Michael's include the Pillar of Christ and the Bronze Doors. Best of all however, the church's clean design makes it unique yet comfortable.
Saint Michael's took 21 years to build. The church 's construction began in the year 1010 and was finally finished many years ...view middle of the document...

Roses can be seen throughout the town's doorsteps and gardens to this day.
The Church of St Michael's is a large church. The sides of the outside of the church has several consecutive inlet windows which are large. They let a great amount of light into the church which gives it an open feeling. Also, along the sides of the church are various brown stone bricks ranging from various shades of brown. The roof of the church is a red textured tiling material. The inside of the church is a brings a light-like feeling. The pillars on the walls extend to the ceiling and then form a rounded arch at the highest point. Also, the ceiling is a flat design that was created two hundred years after the church was finished. St Michael's brings a sense of warmpth and home-like that makes you feel safe when inside. This comes from the choice of color used along with the correct amount of light that comes through the windows that gives it this feeling.
St. Michael's Church in Hildesheim was created during the Ottonian times. That means that it uses styles from the Early-Romanesque time period. The church has a long and somewhat narrow walkway with seats to sit and pray on. It also has smaller cylindrical rooms off to the sides of the building which can be used to pray alone or in a small group.
St. Michael's Church in Hildesheim was created during the Ottonian times. That means that it uses styles from the Early-Romanesque time period. The church has a long and somewhat narrow walkway with seats to sit and pray on. It also has smaller cylindrical rooms off to the sides of the building which can be used to pray alone or in a small group.
The large walkways and curved arches are taken from previous Greek architecture works and modified slightly to be put into the church. The columns that go up along the sides of the insides of the church all have a...

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