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St Patrick's Essay

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According to Kotler et al. (2005), the term marketing mix indicates all of the marketing activities which are applied by the company for an individual range of services at the target market. The traditional instruments of the marketing mix are the 7 P’s of Marketing. Those are product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence. In the following paragraphs the marketing mix will be applied to the St Patrick’s Festival in Birmingham.

The Festival lasts three weeks. During these weeks there are different events held for the whole family. Beside the different events the people are celebrating with a St Patrick’s Parade from Camp Hill to Digbeth (St. ...view middle of the document...


The different events take place all about the Irish Quarter of Birmingham. A lot of Irish lived in the poorer parts of Birmingham like Digbeth and Deritend (Birmingham City Council, n. d.). In 2002 more than 38,000 Irish people live in Birmingham which is 4 % of the population (Dr Carl Chinn MBE, 2002). Moreover in Digbeth are many Irish Pubs, Clubs and the Irish community Center (Elsmere, G., 12.03.2014).

The St Patrick’s Festival Birmingham occupy only volunteers. It is possible for people to volunteer via the website or Facebook. So they have to count on the help of other people. Moreover the festival has a partnership with the City Council of Birmingham and live from sponsors and their media partners radio wm and The Herp & Craic. Their sponsors are Irwin Mitchell Solicitors, Guinness, Birmingham City Council, The Irish Post, South & City College as well as the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade of Ireland (St Patrick’s Birmingham, n. d.).

The festival gets promoted through their sponsors and their media partners as well as the Newspaper Birmingham Mail, the Irish Post, their website and through social media. With this variety of promotion platforms the organizers reach a lot of people. They have many channels to reach their target group of families. Their main channels to promote the festival are radio, newspaper and social media (St Patrick’s Birmingham, n.d.). Their Facebook page has 3,098 follower itself (Facebook, n.d.). Additionally Facebook events were created with extra information on every event (Facebook, 21.02.2014)

The schedule of the festival is published via the newspapers ‘The Irish Post’ and ‘Birmingham Mail’. All of those who are interested in the festival are also able to get the timetable from the St Patrick’s Birmingham website. Additionally the Facebook page of the festival gets updated with the latest information on the events and the parade. Over their Facebook page they are able to reach the people also spontaneous. They are posting their current events on the platform and people are able to attend impulsively on the same day (Facebook, n. d.).

Physical Evidence
Mainly everything proceeds via the festivals website and Facebook. People can see photos of the parade, different events before and after the festival. If customers have questions they are able to reach those who are responsible via a contact form on the St Patrick’s Birmingham website. Furthermore via post or personally through the address on the website together with telephone or e-mail contact (St Patrick’s Birmingham, n. d.).

The events are held in different locations through the Irish Quarter of Birmingham. The locations are the Crescent Theater, different libraries, the Custard Factory, South & City College and different pubs. For exhibitions, tables and exhibition walls are needed. There is also a storytelling event where the organizers need enough chairs for anybody as they do not know how many people...

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