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St Paul The Apostle’s Cathedral Essay

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One of the most famous cathedrals in the world is Saint Paul’s Cathedral in London, England. It is considered a Church of England. In medieval times, this was a place for the seat for the Bishop of England. It started to be built by Normans, in 1087 after the fire. It took about 150 years to build it finishing in 1240. The great cathedral took so long to be built because cathedrals are really big and hard to construct, as well as this one was interrupted by a mildly harsh fire in 1136. Cathedrals were and are one of the most admired architecture in Europe. This is though so for they were used by the whole community, as well as bringing light and positiveness into their everyday lives. ...view middle of the document...

The wooden building of the city were as dry as sand, if they were touched they would be thought to fall apart as if made from just twigs. As the fire grew closer; the people, at first, felt safe and sound. They thought they had a place of refuge, but, the cathedral easily caught fire and recklessly burned, there was no stopping the flames. Books and much more was lost in the fire. Plans were made to reconstruct the St Paul’s Cathedral in a new, state-of-the-art, modernized style. It was built by a man named Christopher Wren, when before the fire proposed to build a new stylish St Paul's. The fire seemed very convenient for him. His design was finished in his lifetime and was financed by coal taxes. The final stone was added to the lantern on Christmas day, 1711. Aspiring details were then added by one of the mason’s sons, and Christopher Wren’s son Christopher Jr. such as the final statues on the roof. The cost for the new St Paul's was not even £2 million to build in 1716 but if that were to be built in present day it would cost £139 million. ($260 million Canadian) The existing cathedral was almost destroyed multiple times during the London Blitz. Once on October,10th, 1940 it was hit by bombs and just two day later a bomb was placed inside and safely deactivated it. Those people were rewarded with the George cross. Again in...

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