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Saints are people whose lives are regarded by the church as a good example, and their life stories are remembered for sake of inspiring others. My saint's life story is one to inspire other people; to take a stand for what you believe or what you know is right against someone who opposes you. The saint I am studying is St. Thomas More. Thomas' father, Sir John More was a prominent judge giving Thomas a job as a page to Archbishop Morton who believed Thomas would be a "marvelous man". More then went to Oxford where he worked on English translations from Latin, and started writing plays and books.Thomas More was born in 1478 in London, England. More grew up, was educated, and had all his jobs in England and that is where he is most associated with. More was canonized with St. John Fisher in 1935 after a mass petition from English Catholics. More is the Patron Saint of Statesman and Politicians because of his jobs in public office. More and Fisher also share a feast day because of their similar lives as martyrs against King Henry, June 22.St. Thomas More was most known for speaking out against King Henry VIII starting with the King asking More, who at that time was Lord Chancellor, to sign a petition requesting the Pope to grant an annulment for Henry's divorce to Catherine. This made Henry mad because he wanted to marry Anne Boleyn, so Henry declared himself supreme head of the Church of England. More then...

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