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St. Valentines Day Essay

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One Valentine's Day, in a classroom, kids were exchanging cards. Two of them, named Ted and Jim, were best friends. After the exchange, they showed each other the cards that they got from people. They both received a strange card with no writing on it. As they showed each other these cards, there was suddenly a blinding light coming from the cards, and the next thing they knew, they were standing in a dark, quiet room instead of their noisy 4th grade classroom.
They were both too shocked at what had just happened to scream. Ted spotted a stairway leading out of the room, and told Jim to follow it. As they reached the top, they bumped into a man who was walking by. They apologized, and told the man their names. He said that his name was Valentine. Ted and Jim realized at the same time that it was St. Valentine. Ted asked him what he did to become a saint. He looked at them like they were crazy, and told them that he wasn't a saint. Jim whispered to Ted that he wouldn't know if he was a saint in the future. Jim then asked St. Valentine if he did anything really nice for other people. St. Valentine pulled them down into the stairway and told them that he did marriage rituals for Christians, which was illegal there. Ted asked him why there was a holiday about love named after him. St. Valentine gave him another weird look, and said that he never want a holiday like that named after him. Before Ted could say something else that would cause St. Valentine to think he was crazy, there was another blinding light.
When Ted and Jim came to their senses, they were standing in the Vatican City. There was an announcement of St. Valentine becoming a saint, and when his feast day was. Some people near them were saying that they thought the feast day was put on that day to get rid of some strange pagan rituals during a festival of love. Ted and Jim thought that it was ironic that today, the holiday is about the thing it was trying to get rid of. Ted and Jim both thought that it was strange that a feast day would be on a certain day just to get rid of weird rituals. Then, before they could...

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