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St Vincent De Paul Essay

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A Man Whom Everyone Knew Was a Saint
St Vincent de Paul was born into a Europe torn apart. The cement that held Europe together had been Catholicism, but Luther and other Protestants had broken that unity forever. The Calvinist came from Switzerland to France with protestant Bibles around 1550, Calvinist intervention vastly grew through Gallic land astonishingly rapid. The Roman Catholic Church was concerned at its loss of control over souls; the government feared Protestant demands for local rule.
Catherine de Medici, Queen of France at that time, ordered the massacre of all Calvinist, the slaughter started in Paris and spread to the countryside in days, more than forty thousand Calvinist ...view middle of the document...

On his way from Marseilles to Castres, where he had gone to sell a property received by inheritance from a wealthy patron In Toulouse. Pirates attacked his ship, wounding Vincent, and killing others. Survivors were hauled to Tunis North Africa, and sold off as slaves.
By the providence of God, Vincent became a slave to a former Franciscan monk, now turned, of all things, a magician (due to his knowledge in chemistry and remedies thanks to second Master) , and living as a Muslim. And when I say living as a Muslim, yes, he had three wives. Eventually, his second wife question him about his catholic faith and persuaded him to return to Europe to come back to it, loaded with remorse, the magician decided, very intelligently, to slink off into a monastery for some serious repentance.
Vincent, penniless, and with a newly widowed mother to support, returned to France and there decided to go to Rome to continue his studies until 1609, when he was sent back to France on a mission to Henry IV, King of France . It was there that he became the great apostle of charity, founding groups like the “Ladies of Charity” or the Vincentians, groups that cared for the poor.
Vincent soon became a famous priest in Paris and draw Monsieur de Berulle attention....

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