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Stability At Home Vs. Fear In "Kindred" By Octavia Butler

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Kindred by Octavia Butler has been a respected novel since its publication in 1979. In Kindred Butler provides readers with suspense until the last page. It provides readers with two definitions of a home. Home is a place where you feel safe where you have a family to come to when you are having a horrible day at work or at school. Home is a place where you share good and bad times with family and friends. A home is place of stability in your life. A home isn’t a place that you are scared to go to. A home isn’t a place filled with only negative thoughts and hopes. A home is not a place that you endured physical and mental abuse. Dana had a home of stability and a home filled with physical and mental abuse. Dana and her husband Kevin just moved into a new home that they just bought in Los Angeles, California. This is the best birthday gift she could ever receive because before she was living in a congested apartment. This is also the first day she starts to travel back into time to visit her plantation home in the early 1800s in Maryland. The distinctions between Los Angeles and Maryland present the differences in what makes a home.
When Dana experienced her first dizzy spell she is appalled at what just happen and she was not even gone for two minutes. As she tells Kevin he cannot believe his eyes because she comes back wet and muddy. Dana has gone back in time to rescue a boy named Rufus. At this point in time she does not understand why she was called back into time to save this four year old boy from drowning. When she does save him she is awaken by the gun that his father points at her and she fades back into 1976. This has been a weird birthday for Dana.
Dana second dizzy spell happens a few minutes later in the present time but when she travels through time she ends up in Rufus room but it is the year 1815. She has come to the conclusion that the only time she is called into the past is because Rufus is in danger. This time when she comes back she is saves Rufus’s room from burning down. Dana ask Rufus a series of question such as why she is here, what year it is, and why did he try to burn down his house. Rufus replies saying that he is upset that his father has sold a horse that he wanted. Dana also discovers that she is traveling back in time to save Rufus which is her great grandfather. She understands that she needs to keep him alive in order for her to live. When Dana realize what time period she is in she is frighten because it is during slavery. At this point Dana understands that she has gone back into time to experience the horrors of slavery and prejudice first hand. Dana tells Rufus that she needs to get out of his room because his father could come in his room at any moment. So, Rufus tells Dana of a little girl named Alice that lives not far from his house her mother and her are free blacks. When Dana sees them she believes that they are her ancestors. While at Alice’s house she sees physical abuse and she also endures...

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