Stabilizing Population Essay

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Stabilizing Population

By the year 2050, world population is expected to double, with most of
the increase in the developing world. This growing population would
require more resources, including energy. To create a sustainable
global society, we must both conserve our resources and stabilize
population size.

Actions around the world:

In Colombia, the population growth rate has dropped from 3.4 to 1.8
percent. Two in every three couples now plan their families with
guidance from PROFAMILIA, which operates clinics and community
centers. Denmark and Germany have population growth rates near zero, a
result of higher standards of living and easy access to contraception.
India, family size in the state of Kerala has declined dramatically.
The reduction was achieved by grassroots movements active in health
care and education and by government family planning programs. Cubahas
attained one of the lowest rates of population growth in the
developing world by providing free health care, staple foods and
access to contraceptives. As a result of government family planning
and nutrition programs, family size in Sri Lanka is much smaller than
it was 30 years ago. In Thailand, women average half as many children
as they did 30 years ago. Improvements in the status and education of
women and a government family program have made this change possible.

Reducing Carbon Dioxide Emissions

Scientists estimate that to slow global warming we need to reduce
substantially worldwide emissions of carbon dioxide and other
heat-trapping gases. Ways to reduce carbon dioxide include increasing
energy efficiency and switching from coal and oil to renewable energy

Actions around the world:

In 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit, over 150 countries signed a climate
change treaty aimed at stabilizing carbon dioxide emissions from
industrialized nations by the year 2000. The Solar Electric Light
Fund, a U.S. nonprofit group, is helping install small solar power
stations in communities in Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka, reducing the demand
for fossil fuel plants. North Carolina has organized more efficient
school bus routes, saving millions of dollars and reducing carbon
dioxide emissions by thousands of tons. With the help of an Indian
university, the village of Pura, India, has developed a small
community power plant that converts manure...

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