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Stabilizing The Increasing Tuition Rates For Nebraska’s Colleges And Universities

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Stabilizing the Increasing Tuition Rates for Nebraska’s Colleges and Universities
Since the economic downturn of the country’s recession, post high school education has been affected by rising inflation rates and the need to scrape up more money than what other-wise would be necessary. In 2013 a number of states have seen a great improvement. However it can’t be left out that the standards of education and funding for schools have greatly decreased causing students to not be as primed for what lies ahead. The University of Nebraska System, along with Nebraska State and Community colleges should stabilize its tuition rates so more students can have the opportunity to attend college and graduate successfully.
Problem Statement
The State and Local government has a thriving economy unlike other states. The tuition rate, especially for out- of- state students and room and board expenses are higher than a number of other states with a more inferior economy. As Nebraska’s development and economic centers have grown faster than the national average, our higher education opportunities for students to attend because of financial difficulties have not been regarded as high of an importance. The problem with the financial situation for students is the ones that want to attend and graduate in four years are often burdened with the high prices and forced to find a cheaper institution that may not fit to their original standards. In the past ten years students have had to work more hours to be able to cover their student loans and bills. From 2002 until 2013 Nebraska students graduating college has slightly risen. According to the United States Education grade report k-12, Nebraska ranks very low in readiness of middle- income students for higher education and beyond high school (United States Education grade report 12). From an overall graduation rate of 48.4% to 50% at or before six years, this percentage among students needs to be higher for the success of the colleges and universities and the state. To further this statistic, from the Chronicle of Higher Education, they said that in 2010 the number of full -time students graduating in four years from a Nebraska college was only 23.2% and 55.7% in six years (Chronicle, College Completion). We are below the country’s average, and part of that is due to being in the center of America. Despite this, our Universities need to come up with an effective manifest having more students graduate on schedule. and create a financial plan to disperse financial aid to more underprivileged students. Every students and their family has a different price that they actually pay while in college. As the posted price is rising, aside from state, private, and federal financial aid, causes students to take out an extra loan or work that extra shift.
Lower income students who had success in high school are not getting the scholarships and aid needed to support their education. In Nebraska over half of...

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