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Staff Development Is Most Important In Organization

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Chapter 1IntroductionDue to the tighten connection between economic survival and productivity in the last decade, to increase productivity has become a strategic goal for many firms (McManus, 1987). So nowadays, many organizations found that seeking qualifications, which are well beyond the immediate requirement of the job, can be advantageous as the organization will not have to spend as much on staff development in future. In the short term, I agreed that high qualification could be given the immediate benefit to the organization. However, in the long term, my standpoint is that education is a basic criteria for staff selection in the recruitment process but staff development is much more important than education.As staffs are the most important and valuable assets within an organization; hence, developing the potential and skills of an individual staffs can assist in achieving the aims and objectives of the organization and maintain its marketing position in the rapid changing and competitive business area. Since training frequently improves workers' skills and boosts their motivation, as a result, leads to higher productivity and increased profitability (Godkewitsch, 1987). Therefore, training and development of staff becomes a major area of activity for all organizations. It benefits the organization and the individual staff at all stages of their career.In this assignment, it will be discussed that staff development is a vital part to all staff and the organization because staff development is always focus on the long-term staff potential development with a continuous basis. Importantly, it could be a compliment with the organizational growth according to the business strategy and environmental changes.Chapter 2Define of Staff DevelopmentIn the Oxford English Dictionary, development defines as an act or process of development; a gradual unfolding or growth (CLMS M1, U1). According to the HRD literature development as a concept embraces both the outer reality of the environment and organizational goals and the inner reality of the emerging self. It mentioned that each of us is a unique being, in the process of becoming a person, but it is only possible to make progress by interacting with others or by exercising an ability to make personal choices as constructively as possible. Pedlar (1995) defines development as making the most that one can out of opportunity in both the outer and inner sphere. Baum (1995) also defines that development as a process that can take place at anytime and is not constrained by formal parameters or at specified points within an individual's life cycle. In addition, development involves learning oriented to both personal and organizational growth but is not restricted to a specific present of future job (Ibid., p.7). It prepares employees to keep pace with the organization as it changes and grows.With reference to the above definitions of development, I found that development is not only concerned about the skill...

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