Staff Recruitment And Selection Essay

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Staff Recruitment and Selection

In this section I will be explaining and discussing the organisations
(Southgate college) procedures for recruiting and selecting staff and
also identifying the

Key factors that have to be considered at every stage of this process.


1. Job analysis: is there a need for a vacancy? Either because:

(i) The nature of the job has changed, which could result in
restructuring hence the availability of more jobs.

(ii) A person has left or been promoted, leaving an available space in
their former position

2. If there is a vacancy a job description is complied:

(i) The task of the job

(ii) The behaviour to achieve these tasks

So Southgate College will have to write a job description to show what
the job is (i.e. Admissions Assistant) and what it involves. In the
job description there must be a list of tasks required and what will
be essential to do the job.

3. Person specification

Characteristics and the qualities needed of the person needed for the

(i) Physical make up: what should the jobholder look and sound like,
Gender or ethnicity, generally the law does not allow the employees to

(ii) Qualifications: education, formal qualifications and experience

(iii) Specific skills

(iv) Hobbies and interests

(v) Personality: temperament

(vi) Personal circumstances

The reason for the person specification is to find out more about the
candidate and what the person is generally like. A person
specification sets out the qualities of an ideal candidate.

4. Job advertisement: based on the applicant's personal profile

Plus: 1. Wages and salaries 5. Holidays

2. Hours of work 6. Address telephone number

3. Perquisites 7. Closing date

4. Duties 8. Method of application: Application

Application form and c.v.

Letter of application and c.v.

5. Drawing up a short list for interview:

The short list consists of 4-5 people who best fit the person
specification and the job description. There may be differences in
age, experience, and qualifications.

6. Selection interviews:

(i) Structuring the interview; depends on the nature of the job, size
of the organisation.

As Southgate College is a big organisation, interviews are conducted
by a panel:

Personal officer
Head of department
Head of division
Curriculum leader
A college governor

In this section I have showed all the procedures involved in each
stage that Southgate College goes through in recruiting and selecting
their staff.

The importance of recruitment & selection in Southgate College is
taken very seriously they go through all of these procedures to ensure
that they can recruit the best applicant for the job. So a lot of
effort and detail is put into the three documents Person spec, Job
spec and Advertisement.

Analysis of the recruitment documents

In this section I will be analysing the...

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