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Running head: Staff RetentionStaff Retention Plan for Cheyenne Health CareJeanne GadbawCapella UniversityDr. Betty Martin-Lewis09/11/2008AbstractRetaining employees is a great dilemma for long-term care facilities. Cheyenne Healthcare is just one of the many that belong to Sava Senior Care. The corporation is relatively small unlike large corporations who have resources specifically aimed at retaining their employees while smaller facilities do not. Using various resources, I will examine the issue of employee retention in long-term care facilities. I found that the problem stems from different areas: lack of staff, growing competition for the same pool of workers, money, and benefits. While these issues are a problem, they can be improved. Long-term care facilities need to be innovative and creative in developing ways to keep their employees.IntroductionDeveloping and retaining quality nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNAs) are crucial to the future of long-term care (LTC). Recruitment alone will not keep pace with the aging workforce, the rising acuity of nursing home residents, and the growing competition for the same pool of workers. A "care gap" will be anticipated, with a smaller proportion of younger adults available to function as formal and informal caregivers to the growing number of older adults (Hollinger-Smith, 2003).Nursing homes across the country continue to experience a staffing crisis that can jeopardize quality of care and life for residents. This crisis includes insufficient numbers of staff, including certified nursing assistants (CNAs), licensed practical or vocational nurses (LPN/LVNs) and registered nurses (RNs). The reasons for the staffing crisis are complex and multi-factorial (NCCNHR, 2008).According to the National Citizens' Coalition for Nursing Home Reform (NCCNHR) is a particular and industry-wide problem. Although turnover rates vary by region, various provider and other surveys indicate CNA turnover to be between 49 percent and 143 percent. The most frequent reasons for leaving a nursing home environment are unrealistic workload and low wages. (NCCNHR, 2008)Cheyenne Healthcare is located in Cheyenne, Wyoming, which is the capital of Wyoming. The current census at Cheyenne Healthcare is 96 residents. On the payroll of this facility is 110 employees which approximately 20 of these employees are PRN staff. PRN staff is available when the facility is short-staffed. It is critical to keep PRN staff on the payroll at all times. Should the state come in for a surprise inspection there must be sufficient staff on the floor to care for the residents.Cheyenne Healthcare is very team-oriented except for the few stragglers that refuse to join the team. Being on this facilities team is empowering to the employee that joins the team at Cheyenne Healthcare. In light of this, there is still a very large turnover rate for this facility. As this paper proceeds, it will explain the turnover rate for...

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