Staff Training And Development Its Impact On The Attainment Of Organisational Objectives. Case Study Of Nestle Nigeria Plc.

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CHAPTER ONE.INTRODUCTION.1.1 BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY.It is a well known fact that, the primary concern of an organization is its viability and hence its efficiency. For effective functioning of any organization employees must learn to perform their jobs at a satisfactory level of proficiency and also the organization must provide opportunities for the continued development and training of employees not only on their jobs, but as well develop them for other jobs for which they might later be considered.According to Obikoya (2006) training is a systematic process of altering the behaviour, knowledge and or motivation of employees in a direction to increase the trainees' effectiveness and organization goal achievement. Koontz et al. (2003) opined that people are unique- they have different needs, different ambition, different attitudes, and different desires for responsibility, different levels of knowledge and skills and different potentials. However, Obikoya (2006) believed that both private and public sectors in Nigeria are guilty of wrong utilization of available human resources. This is especially in the banking industry where graduates are employed in the area which they lack expertise.Yesufu (2008) stated that the condition under which work is performed should be such as to make workers not only economically highly productive and efficient, but happy human beings and properly developed citizens. He also states that workers have only tended to pay more attention to what they can derive from themselves in the nature of higher pay packets, sick benefits, generous leave and good working conditions.Whyte (2005) while agreeing that there is no doubt that money has an important effect on the thinking and behaviour of productive workers, explained that monetary incentive become quickly entangled with a lot of other motives that have little or nothing to do with money, so that the ultimate effect of money itself is not easily identified. He however, confirmed that one reason why money with has proved to be handy is the fact that it is partly true.Shubin (2007) viewed services such as rest room, lunch stand, cooperative purchasing, medical attention in premises, hospitalization, pension plan, sports designed by an organization for providing an occupational environment that would enhance physical, mental and emotional fitness of employees as well as being a special incentive for better performance.From all the above discussion, one can easily deduce that it is advantageous for every organization to give room for good human resources management. This involves setting up of programmes of various types, good pay packages, good welfare packages, adequate training and development and to crate enabling satisfaction which will eventually result to the realization of the expected productivity level.1.2 STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM.Both public and private organization in Nigeria contributes to the wrong utilization of available human resources. This is because...


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