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All About Staffing

I. Nature of Staffing

Staffing is an organization-wide function, comparable to other functions such as marketing, focused on solving problems and adding value with a company's human, social, and intellectual capital. Staffing includes attracting and hiring talented people, as well as developing, appraising, and rewarding them through performance management and training programs. Staffing has a heavy legal emphasis, since employment and labor laws significantly impact both employee and employer rights and responsibilities.
Staffing is the process of recruiting, selecting and training of personnel. It means putting the right men on the right jobs.
All business organizations should focus their attention and be concerned about the effectiveness and efficiency of their employees specially their managers. The function of staffing has to do with manning an organization structure so that it can completely operate in the present and in the future.

II. Recruitment

Recruitment is the process of encouraging, inducing or influencing applicants to apply for a certain vacant position. Whenever there are vacancies, it is necessary to find a person to fill those vacancies. Some organizations do not wait until the vacancy arises, but they anticipate such vacancies and new openings in the short and long run and thus plan for future needs.

Steps in Recruitment

1. Study the different jobs in the company and writing the job description and specification.
2. Requisition for new employee.
3. Recruiting qualified applicants.
4. Reception of applicants.
5. Application form.
6. Testing.
7. Checking the applicant’s work experiences, school records and personal references.
8. Interview.
9. Matching the applicant with the job.
10. Final selection by immediate supervisor or department head.
11. Physical and medical examination.
12. Hiring.

III. Training

Training is the systematic development of the attitude/knowledge/behavior patterns for the adequate performance of a given job or task. All employees on a new job undergo a learning process whether or not formal training exists. Learning to perform or be more efficient in performing a job is made easier for employees where there are formal training. For the growth of the individual and the organization, these activities are carried out continuously in many organizations. The quality of this initial training can greatly influence the employee’s job attitude and productivity.

Why do we need to train employees? To achieve the following objectives:

1. Productivity – make the employee do his job more efficiently.
2. Effectiveness on the present job – to make the employee improve or increase his skills or knowledge which the training endeavors to help.
3. Qualifications for a better job – to prepare him for another job that is either more difficult or higher in category in order to overcome obsolescence or inbreeding arising from policy of promotion from within.
4. Morale booster – to improve the...

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