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Staffing Practices. Essay

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"Staffing is the practice of finding, evaluating, and establishing a working relationship with future colleagues on a project." ( The process of staff recruitment and selection is becoming increasingly complex and its integration into organizational and Human Resources strategies means that the successful outcome of these processes is vital for job performance and organizational success. Effective and efficient hiring practices are the keystone to building and maintaining a profitable business.Significantly compounding the challenges faced by Human Resources management and practitioner in the recruiting process is the handling of job applications and interview preparation. One main contributor of poor selection of applicants is the failure to establish a selection criterion that is not only consistent with organizational strategies, but reflects the frame of reference set by the job analysis. The integrating of recruitment tools such as job analysis and design as well as an understanding of the organization's culture are necessary to establish selection criteria in selecting potential employees. During the past years, Technicolor Home Entertainment Services has continuously modified staffing practices and selection tools in order to meet changing business needs. Addition to legal limits on selection decisions regulate by the government, globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics have all changed the way employees are selected for employment.Computers, the Internet, and the increased need for socially responsible practices have contributed to many of the most recent procedure changes involved in hiring new employees. Indeed, technology has greatly affected selection methods. One growing method of attracting applicants has been the use of the Internet. Due to the advances in technology and changing demographic of the workforce, more people are accessing the Internet as a form of job search. Use of the Internet for job posting and the power of websites like have changed the way Technicolor acquires new employees. In addition, by using the Internet, Technicolor has created a whole new resource and marketplace for candidates, through online applications. Technicolor places people in this new process and uses this innovative trend to reach out and connect with the right candidates. The job posting section of Technicolor website has been successful in finding many qualified job candidates. Internet job posting and websites appear to offer many advantages to finding employees including speed of recruiting results and reduced costs due to the inexpensive use of the web instead of print media. However, management and Human Resources managers must critically examine recruitment advertisements to ensure consistency with Human Resources policies and legislation. Once Human Resources management addresses the complex task of effectively sourcing and attracting the right applicants for the available positions, then...

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