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Staffing Practices And Selection Tools At Varian Medical Systems Mgt431 Human Resources Tools For A Silicon Valley Company

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Staffing Practices and Selection Tools at Varian Medical SystemsDuring the past 20 years, Varian Medical Systems has continuously modified staffing practices and selection tools in order to meet changing business needs. Globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics have all changed the way employees are selected for employment. The combination of these items has changed the face of Human Resources and allowed them to directly contribute a company's bottom line. Computers, the Internet, and the increased need for socially responsible practices have contributed to many of the most recent procedure changes involved in hiring new employees. Technology has greatly affected ...view middle of the document...

" As a manager at Varian Medical Systems, this author can verify the success described by this website claim. The last three candidates hired by this authors department were found through this powerful website. Another advantage to using the job posting website, is the price. An employer can use this service for around $500.00 per search period. This price is very inexpensive when compared the fees charged by recruiting agencies. Internet job postings and websites appear to offer many advantages to finding employees if the employer can afford the time to search through the thousands of resumes available for each job posting. Websites like can provide convincing testimonial to the advantages of using technology for recruiting purposes.Varian also uses a very inexpensive, technology driven tool for finding candidates. Job postings on the company website is somewhat less effective than, but has proven to be effective in the past. The job posting section of Varian's corporate website has been successful in finding many qualified job candidates in the past. According to Vickie Sparks (personal communication, June 23, 2003), HR Manager at Varian Medical Systems, "the job posting section of the website is virtually cost-free and attracts candidates interested in our business specifically". Vickie continues, by saying: " The company operated website has been even more productive in the past six months as a result of the economic recession we are in". The Internet continues to provide a high volume of qualified candidates to Varian Medical Systems and the cost, compared to other methods, makes the Internet a valuable tool for managers and HR personnel.DiversityDiversity is valued highly at Varian Medical Systems and continues to contribute to the success of this typically conservative company. Human Resources representative Deirdre Sattertwaite describes Varian's diversity program by saying: "We have come a long way in our pursuit of a more diverse workforce. Over the past five years we have conducted employment surveys and set goals to increase our awareness of diversity" (personal communication, June 23, 2003). This type of aggressive attitude is imperative to creating a successful diversity program. Many areas of improvement are necessary before a truly diverse workforce can be obtained at Varian. This typically conservative, and mostly Caucasian workforce indicates many possibilities for growth. Many positive changes will be noted as Varian management becomes more...

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