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Magazines are a prominent aspect of Australian society today. They are seen in many households and businesses and can be purchased in a store and online. Media is used to express opinions and views, educate through facts and information, persuade readers to buy a product and entertain the audience (Community Knowledge Guide, 2008). The purpose of this language study is to investigate the purpose, audience, form and language of the two chosen articles. The articles that are chosen are “Eat Yourself Healthy” from the Australian Women’s Weekly and “Call Me Carly” from Girlfriend Australia.
Each piece of media has a target audience. This helps the writer to write the article, television ad, ...view middle of the document...

She describes how she became part of the music industry and also how she overcame negative criticism. The purpose of both articles is to inform, but “Call Me Carly” also entertains as well and “Eat Yourself Healthy” also aims to persuade. “Eat Yourself Healthy” informs the reader of the effects of eating well on your lifestyle and health. “Call Me Carly” informs the reader about Carly Rae Jepsen’s life.
The form of the article is one of the first things you notice when flicking through a magazine. Does it have lots of words? Are there lots of pictures? Does the title look interesting? “Call Me Carly” is written as an interview, it includes the interviewer’s questions and Carly’s answers. The article is displayed with the title in bold, easy to read, colourful letters. Then a short introduction and followed by the interview. The language used is informal. The article includes words and expressions such as dudes, kinda and gotta. The article is presented as a conversation with the questions followed by the answers. “Call Me Carly” doesn’t have much writing on the page and the second page is taken up by a picture of Carly and a quote. The picture and title are what is seen first when looking at the article and immediately shows the reader that the article is about Carly Rae Jepsen . “Eat Yourself Healthy” is presented as a report in structured paragraphs including statistics, followed by practical diagrams and concluded with a table summing up the information given. The language is formal and makes use of statistics and informed views to support the issue. The title of “Eat Yourself Healthy” is in a large font, with easy to read letters. This is what catches your eye and then in a slightly smaller font, but not as small as the main text, is an introduction/blurb which explains in more depth what the article is about. The informative pie chart and tables are included as a practical resource for the reader...

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