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In 1880 a group of strangers board a stagecoach. The stagecoach is heading eastward from Tonto, Arizona to Lordsburg, New Mexico. Among these strangers is Doc Boone an alcoholic doctor, Dallas a prostitute, Mrs. Mallory a pregnant lady and Samuel Peacock a whiskey salesman. Marshal Curly Wilcox tells the stagecoach driver, Buck that his regular ride along guard went hunting for Ringo Kid. Wilcox decides to ride in place of the regular guard when Buck informs him the Plummer brother's are in Lordsburg.
The Plummer brothers killed Ringo's father and brother and Ringo has sworn to get revenge. Prior to the stagecoaches departure the group is informed by Lt. Blanchard that Geronimo and the Apaches are on a warpath. Lt. Blanchard tells the group he and his men will escort them to Dry Fork. However from there onward they will have no military protection. Moments before departure the coach is hailed down and two more passengers board Hatfield a southerner and Henry Gatewood a banker.
Along the way they come across Ringo Kid, stranded because his horse had left him. Curly takes Ringo into custody. The group reaches Dry Fork and is hesitant to proceed onward over lunch the group votes to continue to Apache Wells. Ringo has taken a strong liking to Dallas and he invites her to eat with them at the table. The group is appalled by this, however Ringo does not know Dallas is a prostitute.
When the group arrives at Apache Wells Mrs. Mallory goes into labor and Doc Boone helps deliver the baby. Later that night Ringo asks Dallas to marry him. Dallas promises to marry Ringo if he promises to leave the Plummer brothers alone. Ringo then attempts to escape and meet Dallas some other time. However while hes fleeing he notices smoke coming from the hills a single of Apache attack. The group quickly gathers their things and leaves Apache Wells.
They reach Lee's Ferry but find the ferry burned. They rig the stagecoach with logs so it will float across the river. Once the group crosses the river they're spotted by a band of Apaches. A long chase occurs and everyone runs out of ammunition and Buck is hit. Hatfield had kept his last bullet for Mrs. Mallory to save her from being captured. Moments before Hatfield tries to pull the trigger he is fatally shot. Soon after that the U.S cavalry arrives and rescues the group. Later that day the group arrives in Lordsburg, Gatewood is arrested for embezzling $50,000 while Ringo goes to find the Plummer brothers and kills all three of them. Ringo then returns expecting to be returned to jail. However Curly lets Dallas and Ringo escape.
Stagecoaches plot is in chronological order they're no flashbacks or repeated scenes. This is important because it tells the story in a easy to follow format which at the time was important. The story line in Stagecoach is very linear. Events happen in such a way that you would expect them too. Each event or section of the story happens in result of what happened prior.

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