Stages Of Adulthood Descriptions And Categories

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Adulthood is a the longest period in life which for the purposes of clarity has been broken into three periods. The three stages of adulthood are young (21-35), middle (35-65), and older (65+ ). Young adulthood is the period when you may experience good health, a career, marriage, children, and/or financial independence resulting from financial success. Middle adulthood brings greater financial security and emotional maturity and satisfaction from family growth, but health may become an issue for many. Older adulthood is the time of life when wisdom should have accumulated. Despite this potential, many problems may linger, such as loneliness, isolation, poor health.Young adulthood is the time when peak physical fitness is generally experienced. Physical growth starts to taper off, but mentally there is likely to be a settling and more peace of mind. Emotionally, it is typical to leave behind adolescent conflicts and discover more smoothness and less tension. It is very common to start a family with marriage and then become a parent. Financially, the young adult usually starts to see the possibility of achieving his dream. The health of the young adult may continue despite bad habits such smoking, drinking and lack of exercise.Middle adulthood is the time when it is common that life is at its best. Physically, body starts to slow down, which means that if proper remedies are sought the declining health characteristics can be stopped. Exercise, good diet, and healthy attitude can produce some amazing results. Thus middle adulthood need not be a time of poor health. But it requires some attention and openness. Mentally and emotionally many middle aged adults begin to accept their mortality and with this deeper reflection is common....

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