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Stakeholders Are In A Business And What The Companies Responsabilities Are To These Stakeholders.

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A stakeholder is any individual or group that has an interest (vested or not), in a company. Some people equate a stakeholder with a shareholder of a specific company. These people would be right, for the shareholder has a vested interest in the well being and profitability of the company. Some other groups that could be qualified as stakeholders are the management, employees, and the lenders. More abstractly the customers, the community, and the Government also have interest and could be considered stakeholders.The organization has a great responsibility to each and everyone of these groups. First and foremost, to the shareholders the organization has a duty and responsibility to make a profitable return on their investments. For the employees (including management) the company has an obligation to provide a clean and safe working environment, a place of work that pays wages for services rendered, offers benefits, to provide job security and job training, and above all provide an arena of mutual respect and understanding. An organization also has a responsibility to provide its customers with quality products which are safe and comply with all of the specified government regulations. Any company has a great number of groups which it needs to satisfy, this is a difficult task to do, and often times is impossible to fully do, but as long as the business is making its best effort, none of these specified groups can earnestly ask more.In their credos and mission statements most companies claim to strive to satisfy all of their stakeholders. In the end striving is all that most companies do, but...

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