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Stalking Essay

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Stalking is an issue that affects 1.5 million people each year. While women are commonly the general target, men can become victims of stalkers as well(Browder 12). Stalkers share similar traits, each of which fuel what they do. Oftentimes a stalker's motives are as easily profiled as their traits. Stalkers commonly share similar personality characteristics as well as reasons for doing what they do.Many stalkers are loners. Because of the lack of other relationships, they become severely attached to the idea of possessing a relationship with the person who they are stalking. In many cases, the lack of ability to form relationships starts at a young age. Some stalkers are neglected by their parents, and in turn are unable to form attachments with other people later on in life(Snow 24). This causes them to be extremely lonely, which is a main characteristic of a stalker. This lack of personal relationships, combined with a low self-esteem creates a feeling of worthlessness. They feel like without a connection with the person they are stalking, they have no purpose in life(25). This is one reason for most celebrity stalking. The idea of establishing a connection with a person of high status becomes appealing, because these stalkers believe that they will acquire a higher level of importance(Lewittes 9). When this does not happen, stalkers can often become extremely angry, even violent toward that person. Frustration builds up, and they do not know how to deal with the situation. This can sometimes lead to stalker related deaths(Snow 25).Another common characteristic shared by most stalkers is their lack of anxiety, and even shame in a stalking scenario. In most situations, a person would be absolutely beyond embarrassed to be caught snooping around in another person's personal belongings. Rummaging through someone's garbage in order to find personal information would be so inappropriate that the average person would not even consider it. Beyond that, if they were, in fact, caught in the act, most people would be completely mortified. Stalkers, on the other hand, do not think this way. No action is too out of line. Stalkers see it as an attempt to gain the love of the person that they are stalking. These people seem to be immune to anxiety and discomfort, and in turn they have no trouble continuing in their pursuit(24).Some of the tasks that are carried out by stalkers are quite difficult. Stalkers need way more intelligence than one would assume that they have. But although many of them have mental disorders, most stalkers are much smarter than the average person(23). Obtaining information about a person is not usually the easiest task, but stalkers may go as far as changing jobs in order to do so. Stalkers sometimes learn how to tap into phone conversations, hack into computers, and spend thousands of dollars to find a particular person, or information about that person(23).Stalkers often also possess the ability to manipulate friends and family...

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