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Stalking And Stalkers Essay

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Stalking can be described when someone becomes obsessed with another person. The stalker could happen to be a ex-coworker, a neighbor or a stranger, there are eight traits that can help identify a stalker. There are lots of reasons why a person might become a stalker, two of the main ones being because a stalker wants to upgrade their status of because they have a mental disorder.
“Stalkers often suffer from low self-esteem and feel they must have a relationship with a victim in order to have any self worth” ( Snow 25). Not all but a vast majority of stalkers are lonely people and usually keep to themselves and don’t socialize. In normal society people don’t get involve with others that are isolated from everybody. This lack of self-esteem and the believe that no one cares for what stalkers do is why sometimes they have “lack of embarrassment”(Snow 24) of the things they do to get information about the victims.
Stalkers are so into their own world they “don’t feel embarrassment”(24) because they know some how the actions they do will eventually get them to the victims. “Normal individuals would be extraordinarily embarrassed to be caught following other people, going through their trash, leaving obscene notes and other inappropriate behavior”(24). Stalkers have their own rules; they don’t care about society’s rules so they do what seems correct in their world. Stalkers don’t feel any remorse if they get caught sending strange presents to their victims. Some stalkers have been caught sending “rabbit droppings or other animals vials”(83) This is their way of expressing their love to a certain person, but it might seem normal that stalkers don’t know how to treat anyone because usually a stalker never have had a relationship or if she or he has have they’ve been involved in “few relationships”(Snow 24)
Often described as lonely people, stalkers don’t usually are involved in relationships, either because people are afraid of them or because they’ve fixated on a person they cant have. Something that also affects, them is that at some point of their lives a stalker had some disturbance in their family that affected their lives. “Many stalkers were deprived from their parents for some time when children…Early on some of these individuals had disturbance in parenting… It help explain the difficulty in forming attachments( 25). Stalkers have been involved in traumatic families sometimes this the main cause for their low self-esteem, this doesn’t let them embrace a true relationship, also this might be why they “lack responsibility of what they do”(24), they were never taught any better and don’t distinguish right from wrong. But not all stalkers are considered dumb, most of them are “above average intelligence”(23)
Stalkers aren’t ignorant people, they are intelligent because of all the things they d and go through to get information about their victims. “Stalkers have been known to hack into computers, tap telephones lines, take jobs at public...

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