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In the community, there are a lot of groups that have an impact in the Aiken area. One that has made a significant difference is Stand at the Crossroad Ministries. Stand at the Crossroads Ministry is run by Deborah Lamb, who is willing to accept people from every walk of life despite their past. Through her background, sacrifice, and acts of services, Deborah Lamb has become an asset to the community. Stand at the Crossroads is a Christian based organization created to help, encourage and give support to women on the road to recovery. Those Deborah Lamb serve face challenges from uncertain futures to destructive live styles.
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The hardest thing for Deborah was not being able to go shopping at thrift stories for bargains. Also, she would have to the eat at home and not have the privilege of going out to eat every time she wanted to. Another perfect example of the sacrifice she had made was, as shared by Deborah Lamb, “ When I began to work with women in crisis, I found the work to demand a lot of me and time was no longer my own”. She often spent long hours at the ministry helping or preparing for the next day. Lastly, she makes a major sacrifice by only seeing her husband on weekends since now has a job where he works out of town.
There are many things Deborah has to do as the director of Stand at the Crossroads Ministry. There are many roles she takes on at the ministry director. The first and most important is the office work to keep the bills organized and paid. For example, at the end of the month she takes a whole day to run errands to pay the bills. Next the paper work she has to do for the treatment plans of the mothers who are trying to regain custody of their kids. Also she has to prepare documents for the courts and be there to testify on behalf of the mothers. Deborah Lamb provides transportation to the colleges for the ladies to get enrolled or for the one who are currently taking class. The other thing she does and even enjoys doing is to maintain the grounds and maintenance of the...

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