Stand By Me And The Body

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Lit and FilmStand By Me and The Body:In the novella The Body and the movie "Stand By Me", we see a story of four young boys who embark on a journey to find the dead body of Ray Brower, a boy about the same age as the four boys: Gordie, Chris, Teddy, and Vern. Gordie, is generally seen as the most intelligent of the four boys, giving guidance and answers to the other boys. Then there is Chris, the peacemaker of the group, Teddy, the comic relief for the group, and Vern, the loner of the group. The text very clearly defines these boys, and shows several examples of their roles and how it plays out on their voyage. At one point, Teddy foolishly attempts to dodge a train, but Gordie jumps in and tears him away. Milo, the dump owner, makes fun of Teddy's dad, calling him a loony, amongst other things, tearing Teddy apart emotionally. Eventually he breaks down and cries, and Chris comforts him. Although this group of boys is portrayed throughout the novella and film as being dysfunctional, we see a unique sense of unity conveyed between these boys.The novella focuses in on the largely portrayed theme of closeness and unity. The Novella is centered mainly around two characters, Gordie and Chris. Showcasing the closeness of the two boys. This first comes about when Chris shows Gordie the pistol that he brings along on the journey through the woods and becomes further detailed when Chris criticizes Gordie's parents. Criticizing another person's parents is unacceptable, unless the criticizer is close enough to do so. By middle school, Chris and Gordie began to drift away from Vern and Teddy who became "just two more faces in the halls." Chris and Gordie's friendship continued well beyond middle school. Chris enrolled in college courses with Gordie, and Gordie tutored him all the way through high school. The bonds created and enhanced on the journey to find Ray Brower lasted a lifetime for the two, and even though they went their separate ways during college, they never forgot each other and the experiences they had together. The cinematographic sound technique plays a huge role in depicting the theme of closeness in the film. The sound choices showcase Gordie and Chris's relationship by playing cheery pop, such as Lollipop tunes, during the time when focused on Chris and Gordie and even the other boys paired up walking together in the woods.When reading the novella, there is a sense of fear and suspense trickled through the words and scene choices. This feeling becomes intensified as the boys make the risky decision to get to their destination via train tracks, avoiding an extra ten or so miles.In the film "Stand...

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