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Stand Up And Fight Essay

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"Many individuals believe that men and women are fundamentally different by virtue of their different reproductive functions, and that a women's reproductive role has ramifications beyond bearing of a child. These individuals claim that there are immutable differences between the sexes which are manifested in their emotional, physical, and intellectual traits." (19, Samuels) This is a sad but unfortunate truth about the attitudes of the American work force. Every day, women face inequality and discrimination in their jobs. Men overwhelmingly dominate both blue-collar and white-collar jobs in the United States. As more women have begun assimilating into mainstream jobs, men have become emasculated and threatened; thus creating excuses and mantras to justify their overwhelming discrimination. Suzanne Samuels from the University of Wisconsin Press addresses just one of the many justifications (as seen in the above quote). Even though it is common for companies to practice discriminatory policies, discrimination against anyone in the workplace should not be accepted nor tolerated.
One woman that faced occupation discrimination was Jana Mercer. Mercer worked her way through Crown Industries for twenty years as both a clerical worker and an accountant. She genuinely appreciated her job because of the high unemployment in the region where she lived. When a promotion came up for a higher-level job that she was qualified for, Mercer as well as her fellow employees presumed that she would get it because of the hard work and dedication she had devoted to the company. Instead of Mercer getting the promotion, a younger male co-worker, Tommy Thompson, was promoted to the position (which was also curiously boosted in pay scale five grades). Mercer's supervisors and various other employees thought that she deserved the position so they took their complaints to the comptroller. These complaints failed to make any head way for Mercer. After days of agitation, Mercer approached the comptroller and demanded an interview. After weeks of waiting for a response, Mercer finally insisted on a meeting with the comptroller and general manager. Over the course of the meeting, Mercer was insulted and embarrassed by her administrators that stated “Look, honey, Tommy’s a good man, and he sits in well with the other top guys around him. You just have to understand that it is a man’s world. My wife goes through the same thing at her company.” The meeting was ended and Mercer was without a promotion and extremely insulted. Many women experience situations like this every day in their jobs, but they do not have to let it happen.
In discriminatory situations, women like Mercer have many different options to help them protect their rights in the workplace. In an interview, Tammy Bass who has worked it automotive sales in Michigan for (_) years talked about discrimination she saw in the workplace and the various actions taken to rectify the situations. The first choice...

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