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Running head: Standards 1Standards 2StandardsNTC/409July 21, 2014StandardsIn order for technology and telecommunications to operate efficiently and safely, there needs to be standards in place. Safety standards help to eliminate the risk of harm to users. Efficiency standards help to keep things operating as they are intended and to not take long to complete. In order to have some kind of order in standards, organizations are formed to decide the definition of the standards they preside over. Because there are so many aspects to both technology and telecommunications, there are just as many standards organizations. With the number of standards organizations being so large, it would be difficult to discuss each one without having a report that is too long. The purpose of this paper is to identify three organizations, with a detailed description of one particular organization.American National Standards Institute (ANSI)ANSI was founded in 1918 and serves as the administrator and coordinator of the United State's standardization system for over 90 years. ANSI has two main objectives, both of which are to enhance something. The first thing that is enhanced is United States business competitiveness on a global scale. The second enhancement is quality of life for Americans. ANSI accomplishes this "by promoting and facilitating voluntary consensus standards and conformity assessment systems and promoting their integrity." (Introduction To ANSI, n.d.). ANSI facilitates standards by accrediting procedures done by standards developing organizations (SDOs).International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T)ITU-T was created in 1865 and allows all companies and countries to contribute to the development process for standards. ITU-T gathers experts from around the world to form committees to develop international standards, also known as ITU-T Recommendations. ITU-T Recommendations "act as defining elements in the global infrastructure of information and communication technologies (ICTs)." (ITU, 2014). These recommendations, or standards, are important for ICTs to operate and communicate with each other. When first created in 1865, ITU-T mainly covered international telegraph exchange. That is a big change to today's world that is considered as a "converged ICT ecosystem." (Itu-T In Brief, 2014). While there may be many organizations that cover international standards, ITU-T is still the only true global ICT standards body in the world.Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA)"TIA is the leading trade association representing the global information and communications technology (ICT) industry through standards development, policy initiatives, business opportunities, market intelligence, and networking events." (About Tia, n.d.). TIA is accredited by ANSI in the development of standards for many segments of ICT. The standards developed by TIA are done by according to the ANSI Essential...

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