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Standard Analytical Method; Fiber Distribution. Essay

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STANDARD ANALYTICAL METHODNUMBER:PAGE NO:1 of 7VERSION:2COPY NO:1PREPARED BY:DATE:AUTHORISED BY:DATE:TITLE:Polypropylene, glass fibre reinforced compounds: Determination of the fibre length distribution.SAFETY:THE METHOD USES SMALL QUANTITIES OF FIBRE GLASS: CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN TO AVOID SKIN CONTACT AND INHALATION TO PREVENT POSSIBLE IRRITATION. THE METHOD ALSO USES A MICROWAVE ASHING FURNACE IN THE PROCOM QC LABORATORY. ENSURE THAT THE CORRECT SAFETY PRECAUTIONS ARE USED WHEN OPERATING THIS OR REQUEST AN OPERATOR TO PREPARE THE SAMPLES.1INTRODUCTION1.1This test method updates the previous fibre length test method and describes the operation of the Seescan Sonata II Image Analyser.2SCOPE2.1The measurement of fibre length distribution can be carried out on any discontinuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic where the fibres can be released from the plastic matrix without degrading their physical form. The test method describes sample preparation for Polypropylene matrices and the image analysis of the prepared sample of glass fibres.2.2All trained personnel may use this technique to measure fibre lengths.3FIELD OF APPLICATION3.1The use of this image analysis programme is limited to fibrous, cylindrical objects with a straight form. Curved objects can be analysed using a separate programme not covered in this method.3.2The upper limit for fibre length is 5 mm long using the magnification described in the method. Objects longer than this would require a lower magnification to be used. The lower limit is 40 microns - the analysis programme disregards fibres shorter than this.3.3The user should beware that sample preparation is of paramount importance to the success of the technique. Steps should be taken to ensure a representative sample of undamaged fibres is prepared for analysis.3.4The accuracy and statistical significance of the results will depend largely upon the numbers of fibres measured. A minimum of 1000 fibres has been set using Automatic Fibre Measurement. These fibres should not be specially chosen when selecting fields of view for analysis - a random method must be used.4REFERENCESSeescan Sonata II operating instructions.5DEFINITIONS5.1Number Mean Length is the mean fibre length based on a number frequency analysis.Weight or Volume Mean Length is the mean fibre length based on a volume / weight frequency analysis.5.2Contrast is defined as the relative difference in light intensity between neighbouring objects. This is measured by grey scales (0 = black, 256 = white).6PRINCIPLE6.1The steps involved in this test method can be broadly classified into three stages:-a)Specimen preparation.b)Measurement.c)Presentation and manipulation of results.6.2The method aims to maintain the fibre lengths intact, i.e. at the same lengths as supplied in the original moulded or granular sample. To this end careful ashing, to remove the polymer matrix, and then careful handling of the glass fibres is required.6.3The measurement of fibre length is carried out...

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